No mask, no job!

“Stop, stop!” On June 1, at the fully mechanized excavation face of the return air dark inclined shaft in Zhangji coal mine of Shandong Fengyuan Group Co., Ltd., when Liu Zheng, the assistant driver of the fully mechanized excavation machine, was about to start the fully mechanized excavation machine without wearing a dust mask, the team leader of the mine safety team Yao Germany, who had just come here for on-site safety inspection, rushed forward to stop Liu Zheng

“Oh, it’s captain Yao. What’s wrong with me?” Liu Zheng and Yao Germany worked in the mine on the same day. They were very familiar with each other, so Liu Zheng and Yao Germany played a joke

seeing that Liu Zheng’s smiling face was not straight, Yao Germany asked seriously, “why didn’t you wear a dust mask?”

“1’m not wearing it. 1t’s too much trouble!” At this time, the joke was a little “overdone”, but Liu Zheng didn’t realize it

“is it troublesome to wear a dust mask? 1 don’t think you need to be in this class! ” Yao Germany raised his voice and began to question Liu Zheng

seeing his “good friend” worried with him, Liu Zheng immediately became serious. He knew that once Yao Germany entered the “state” of work, he was not “fastidious” at all. 1t happened that he also ran into the “muzzle” today, so he swept away the “ease” just now and said seriously: “it’s OK, 1 was just joking. 1n fact, 1 didn’t wear it this time. 1 usually wear a dust mask when 1 go down the well. Today, when 1 was in a hurry before 1 went down the well, 1 forgot to take the dust mask from the locker, so 1 didn’t wear it this time. What’s more, 1’m such a good person. 1f 1 don’t wear a dust mask once or twice, 1 won’t get silicosis. “

“1 know that if 1 don’t wear a dust mask once or twice, 1 won’t get occupational disease. But the mine has a clear regulation, do not wear good labor protection equipment are not allowed to go down the well, also not allowed to work! Well, you go up to the well immediately to get the dust mask, and then come back to work! “

after listening to Yao’s words, Liu Zhengyi thought that if he came back for more than an hour, the whole class would be “ruined” when he finished the task of driving footage, so he was still a little unwilling. He held the idea of “the last straw” if he tried again, so he whispered: “it’s not OK if he doesn’t wear it this time.”

“don’t you know me, Liu Zheng? This time, if you don’t wear a dust mask, it’s also against the rules. 1’ll stop it, too! ” Yao Germany is determined

knowing that no more “pleading” would be possible, Liu Zheng had to go up to the well to get the dust mask

afterwards, Liu Zheng’s shift really did not complete the footage task, and Yao Germany specially reported the delay to Ruan Shaohua, deputy chief engineer of mine safety and chief of mine safety supervision section. Ruan Shaohua immediately stated that he must not owe the team that affected the production due to the rectification of hidden dangers, and the mine general will study it and make up an hour’s “output” for the team

“the health of employees also needs our careful care! Now the coal mine has put forward that we should adhere to the principle of “paying equal attention to safety and health”, put the prevention of occupational hazards and casualty accidents in the same important position, and really do a good job of “double implementation”! ” Ruan Shaohua explained

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