no matter how much safety is concerned, it’s better for employees to have a personal experience

on November 29, there was a roar of aircraft taking off from time to time over Longwan 1nternational Airport

near the T1 terminal of Longwan 1nternational Airport, the construction site of SG13 bid section of line S1 is also booming with machines. A 1358m long open cut tunnel has completed 55% of the total work amount….

in the future, the trains of line S1 and line S2 of Wenzhou Municipal Railway will drive to the airport traffic hub complex through this underground tunnel, and the citizens can take the trains of line S1 and line S2 directly to the T1 and S2 of Longwan 1nternational Airport Terminal T2< The construction of SG13 is in full swing. To ensure safety and promote production, safety production is the primary productivity. The most prominent place opposite the project management department on the construction site is the "safety wall of SG13 bid project of Wenzhou City railway S1 phase 1 project of China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd." and "safety education and training experience hall" according to Liu Chengyin, the person in charge of the construction safety project of the bid section, in order to improve the safety production awareness of the construction personnel, the project department spent more than 200000 yuan to build the “safety education and training experience hall”. The experience hall is also the first entity “safety education and training experience hall” on the construction site of line S1, which has played a demonstration role in the safety experience training of the whole line the experience project restores the potential safety hazards of the construction site “safety education and training experience hall” covers an area of more than 130 square meters, and the entrance is written with the words of “publicity of safety knowledge”, “please pay attention to safety”, “visit, listen and experience” there are five experience items in the venue: comprehensive electricity experience, balance beam experience, safety belt experience, helmet impact experience and hole falling experience “the voltage of comprehensive electricity experience can be adjusted between 0-75v, which will not cause harm to human body, but can let the experience experience experience the feeling of electric shock.” Liu Chengyin said that he has personally experienced that when the minimum voltage passes through the human body, it is like touching the static electricity of a sweater. When the voltage is 75V, there will be convulsions, dyspnea or strong numbness. This kind of experience can make employees consciously enhance their awareness of power safety and prevent power safety accidents the impact experience of safety helmet is to let employees wear safety helmet and accept the free fall impact of a small ball weighing about 500g at a safe height. When the ball hits the safety helmet, the experimenters can feel the vibration of the impact on their heads” This experience can make employees deeply understand the importance and necessity of wearing safety helmets, enhance their own safety awareness, and achieve safe and civilized construction. “ the entrance falling experience area is the most powerful. The experience area is 2.5-meter-high house structure. There is an electrically controlled movable board in the middle of the house, and a 50 cm thick cushion is laid under the movable board. During the experience, let the staff go to the movable board area in the middle of the house, and the electric control personnel press the electric control switch to experience the weightlessness and free fall of the staff. At the moment of falling, there is a feeling of “a blank mind”. This feeling makes the experiencer unforgettable for life, and also produces the feeling of cherishing life, so as to enhance the awareness of self-protection, so as to avoid illegal operation and risk-taking operation< According to Liu Chengyin, these projects in the experience museum can restore the common safety hazards on the construction site, and let the Experiencers have personal feelings, so as to enhance safety awareness and facilitate safety management What are the common safety accidents in construction sites? Liu Chengyin said that the common safety accidents are electric shock, falling from height, mechanical injury and object strike. Therefore, the safety education of construction workers has become a top priority in the construction industry SG13 has more than 400 operators from more than 10 provinces and cities, aged between 20 and 50. They are not only the pillars of their families, but also the wealth of the construction site. 1n order to make employees have an intuitive sense of safety, the project department invested more than 200000 yuan to build the “safety education and training experience hall” after entering the construction site, and stipulated that safety education and training experience must be carried out before working “it’s better for employees to experience more safety than to say it orally.” Liu Chengyin said that after the experience of safety education and training, the number of people wearing safety helmets at the construction site has reached 100% as for the safety education experience, 22-year-old worker Xiao Chen said that he once thought safety helmets were dispensable, but after the safety experience, he did not dare not wear safety helmets any more > Relevant links use TRD construction equipment worth tens of millions of yuan to excavate tunnel SG13 bid section is the connection area between the airport and Lingkun bridge, with a total length of 1531.97 meters, including 1358 meters of tunnel and 173.97 meters of subgrade, with a total project cost of 457.1 million yuan. The tunnel clearance height of SG13 bid section is 6.9m, and the deepest excavation is 15.3m. As four tracks will be laid for S1 and S2 lines in the future, the excavation width will reach 25.3m ZHENG Zhongbao, director of the Engineering Department of the project, said that most of the areas along the bid section are farmland with broad terrain and developed water network, so the open cut method (digging foundation pit from the ground down) is the most economical construction method for tunnel construction in this bid section. Zheng Zhongbao said that the key processes of the open control method mainly include lowering the groundwater level, foundation pit support, earth excavation, foundation pit support, waterproof engineering, structural construction, structural backfill and other processes. Among them, foundation pit enclosure and foundation pit support are the key technologies to ensure safe construction on March 30, 2015, the project Department of SG13 bid section of China Railway 14th Bureau entered the site and started construction in August of that year. Due to the high requirements for foundation pit supporting structure in this bid section, the project department launched a TRD construction method in March this year. Compared with other construction methods, the construction efficiency of TRD method is doubled. Of course, the price of the equipment is also expensive, worth tens of millions of yuan at present, with the help of TRD construction method, all continuous walls in this bid section have been completed. 1t is expected that the track laying will be started in July next year won the first place in the quality and safety standardization management evaluation in October in August 2015, the construction of SG13 bid of line S1 started. 1n a short period of more than one year, the project Department of bid section has made great achievements: in 2015, the excellent participating unit of line S1 phase 1 project ranked the third; From January to August 2016, the quality and safety standardization construction inspection ranked second; 1n August, it passed the first stage acceptance of Wenzhou safety civilization standardization demonstration site; 1n September, we ranked the second in the evaluation of quality and safety standardization management of the “hundred days to tackle key problems”; A few days ago, the city railway investment group evaluated the quality and safety standardization management of the “hundred days to tackle key problems” action in October, and the SG13 bid of line S1 stood out from the 18 bid sections of the whole line and won the first place the relevant person in charge of the project Department of SG13 bid said that SG13 bid is the transition section between the above ground and underground works of line S1, which has attracted much attention due to its geographical location, construction difficulty, novel construction method and pipeline relocation. After the launch of the seven hundred day action, the project department organized several special meetings on action deployment to refine the task and formulate measures under the strict requirements of high standards and high quality, the project department has made joint efforts to promote, showing more highlights in the construction of quality, safety and standardized construction sites. 1n terms of quality management, strengthen organization and leadership and work coordination, clarify responsibilities, focus on project construction and safety production in rainy season and flood season, strictly manage construction site safety, mobilize all staff to carry out hidden danger investigation, and formulate special management scheme for divisional and sub divisional projects with high risk, so as to ensure that there is no dead corner for hidden danger treatment; 1n terms of safety management, the first construction site safety experience zone in Wenzhou, which was established by the project department, has been used as the main visiting point for many times by the owners for everyone to learn; 1n the aspect of standardization creation, the steel processing shed was built in strict accordance with the standardization, the materials in the shed were placed neatly, the construction process was standardized, and the flow operation was realized, which was praised by the owners and relevant management departments for many times

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