no matter how much safety is concerned, it’s better to experience the first subway construction site safety experience area

1n the past, 1 used to watch educational films and listen to lectures to watch safety warnings. 1 don’t know what it really feels like to be hit by an accident? Now through the simulation experience, let the workers know that a small nut can cause so much damage

the first phase of Hangzhou Metro Line 6 starts from Shuangpu station in Xihu District, passes through Binjiang District, and ends at Fengbei station in Xiaoshan District. The total length of the line is about 27km, all underground lines, with a total of 19 stations. Among them, sg6-6 bid section has a total of one station, two sections and two air shafts, which are constructed by urban rail transit engineering branch of China Railway fourth bureau group

in order to ensure the safety of the project construction more effectively and do a better job in the project safety management, Zhao Xinhua, the project manager, has made great efforts. While doing a solid job in the basic work of safety management, they have been constantly exploring and innovating, and constantly climbing up the road to manage the safety of the construction site, Now we have our own management method< At present, the deep foundation pit excavation of Zhenpu Road station is in progress, and the progress of the project is fast. You can see the safety education experience area when you enter the construction site. There are safety education platform, labor protection equipment, safety protection equipment display, fire extinguisher demonstration experience, helmet impact experience, safety belt experience, electric shock experience, hole falling experience and other projects “1 feel that the impact of the iron ball is very violent. 1f 1 don’t wear a safety helmet, 1’m likely to have my head broken. As long as we enter the construction site, we must always wear safety helmets. ” An employee said after having a hard hat impact experience. According to the introduction, the project is used to enhance the awareness of Experiencers to consciously wear safety helmets, so as to reduce the frequent object strike and other safety accidents at the construction site< According to Wang Qinghai, safety director of project management department of sg6-6 bid section of Hangzhou Metro Line 6 phase 1 project, the safety experience zone can simulate all kinds of safety accidents that may occur in the construction site, so that the experiencer can experience the harm of unsafe operation. Through the experience, the experiencer can master the safety operation procedures and emergency safety countermeasures, so as to improve the professional skills and safety awareness when you enter the quality and safety warning education room, you can see a number of safety warning display boards. Employees can intuitively observe the accident cases in different places and learn the knowledge of entering the site. At the same time, through the analysis of accident cases, operators can find out the causes of safety accidents, explore various dangerous situations that may occur in the construction process, and predict the danger< According to Zhao Xinhua, project manager of project management department of sg6-6 bid section of Hangzhou Metro Line 6 phase 1 project, the establishment of quality and safety warning education room aims to change the original didactic safety education and training, and carry out all kinds of safety training for construction site personnel by using simple and clear contents such as comics, accident cases and accident scene photos in order to improve the safety awareness of employees, in addition to the experience area and education room, the project department has also prepared on-site construction personnel education toolbox and on-site emergency rescue package to manage the electricity and fire protection in the living area of construction personnel, and formulated on-site safety management system and measures at the same time, they must carry out weekly safety, quality and civilized construction inspection on the site, issue the problems in the inspection in the form of notification, carry out comparative rectification, summarize and analyze in the monthly safety and quality meeting and hazard identification meeting, put forward specific control measures, and take on-site shift by the project leader during the construction of high-risk process, Ensure that the construction is operated according to regulations and the subway construction is carried out safely and smoothly the video monitoring center of the project department has been connected to the grid with Hangzhou Construction Commission, Metro Group Company and other units. More than 20 HD cameras have been used to monitor the construction site 24 hours without dead angle, and special personnel are on duty to ensure the construction safety. Gradually introduce the domestic leading building information model (B1M) technology for virtual construction, accurately calculate the quantities and costs in advance, conduct collision detection for each specialty in advance, and timely adjust the construction scheme, so as to guide the shield construction, station maintenance structure construction and other accurate construction, and eliminate all kinds of design hazards that may lead to delay of construction period, To achieve the purpose of fine management of the construction process, reduce the construction safety risk and strengthen the on-site quality control. According to the principle of “one person, one card”, RF1D technology is introduced to monitor the safety helmet worn by the construction personnel, and the activity track and work dynamics of the workers who wear the safety helmet with active electronic tags and enter the construction site covered with readers are real-time mastered, so as to protect the operation safety of the site to the greatest extent under the omni-directional and no dead angle safety management mode of the project, all the reinforcement cages with a length of 62 meters, a width of 6 meters, a thickness of 1.2 meters and a weight of 110t were completed safely and smoothly, which provided valuable safety control experience for the construction of ultra deep and super large diaphragm wall in subway construction “in the coming year, our project construction will enter the stage of station capping and shield tunneling. While making full use of the current safety management platform, the project will continue to increase investment in safety production and safety innovation, which will ensure the smooth and safe completion of shield tunneling across Qiantang River and contribute to the sustainable, rapid and safe construction of Hangzhou Metro.” Zhao Xinhua said

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