North China Hospital donates “anti haze mask” to warm the heart of the police

Recently, fog and haze occurred frequently in Linfen City. The traffic police detachment of Linfen Public Security Bureau, Beicheng brigade, stick to their posts and do their best to carry out winter accident prevention and traffic order control work, which has been concerned and affirmed by the general public. On the morning of June 6, medical workers from North China hospital held a ceremony at Shuichang post, Gulou North Street to “care for the police and donate anti haze masks”. The political commissar of traffic police detachment of Linfen Public Security Bureau announced that he led the leaders of the direct brigade and the police to accept donations

on behalf of all the police on duty, the statement expressed its gratitude to the medical workers of Huabei hospital, and specially pointed out: “the haze weather has brought a severe test to the road traffic management work. All the police should report the social care with full enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility, and reflect the achievements of” two studies and one action “with practical actions, For the safe travel of the people of the whole city

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