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As the rainy season approaches, wind and rain have gradually increased. The strongest rainfall since the flood began in many places in the south, disasters occurred in many places, and floods above the warning water level occurred in many river basins and rivers. The procedural, continuous, and local heavy rains have brought great pressure to flood control in various places.
Then how much do you know about flood control? Let’s learn together!
The characteristics of rainfall
Rainfall can be divided into peak surface rain, topographic rain, convective rain and typhoon rain according to the reason of air rise. class.
24-hour rainfall intensity and level (unit: mm)
Light rain 10, moderate rain 10 ¡× 25, heavy rain 25 ¡× 50, heavy rain 50 ¡× 100, heavy rain, 100 ¡× 250 extremely heavy rain is greater than 250.
Classification of rainstorm warning signal
Blue warning signal indicates that the rainfall will reach 50 mm or more within 12 hours, and the rainfall may continue.
The yellow warning signal indicates that the rainfall will reach 50 mm or more within 6 hours, and the rainfall may continue.
The orange warning signal indicates that the rainfall will reach or exceed 50 mm within 3 hours, and the rainfall may continue.
The red warning signal indicates that the rainfall will reach 100 mm or more within 3 hours, and the rainfall may continue.

Large rivers are rising, large and medium-sized reservoirs are rising, and the safety of important infrastructure is facing severe tests. Continuous heavy rains caused by mountain torrents, mudslides, landslides, urban waterlogging and other threats to the people’s lives and property. Flood prevention is like epidemic prevention, ensuring a safe flood season. This is a tough battle that we must win before us. How to purchase high-quality flood control products has become a major problem facing enterprises at this stage.
In response to the problems faced by enterprises, the editor meticulously listed the following flood prevention and flood prevention materials list to provide you with a comprehensive flood prevention and flood prevention solution to help enterprises fight flood prevention and flood prevention proactively.

Flood control equipment list:
1. Water blocking categories: folding water blocking walls, aluminum alloy water blocking walls, flood control sandbags, water-absorbing expansion bags, fabricated subdikes, fabricated wells.
2. Projection category: American throwing device, Korean throwing device, long-distance throwing device, manual throwing device, ship manual rope throwing device, 75 type throwing device.
3. Piling category: ZL-020 type pile driver, ZL-120 type pile driver, ZL-200 type pile driver, gasoline pile driver.
4. Lighting tools/equipment: explosion-proof lighting, portable lighting, floor lighting, mobile lighting, lifting lighting vehicle, head-mounted lighting, strong flashlight.
5. Rescue transportation: amphibious vehicles, FRP assault boats, inflatable boats, life-saving floating boats, hovercraft.
6. Rescue tools: shovel, foreign pick, engineer shovel, palladium, hoe, ten-pound hammer, machete, square shovel, electric saw, cutter, expander, lifeline, jack, plastic bag.
7. Wearing equipment: flood protection suits, cold raincoats, double straps, life jackets, water shoes, towels, kettles, helmets, oxygen tanks, diving suits, oxygen masks.
8. Water self-rescue equipment: life buoy, life-saving buoy, bracelet-type life jacket.
9. Instruments: water concentration measuring instrument, water level measuring instrument, water quality measuring instrument, water level monitor.

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