Notice of rubber shoes branch of China Rubber 1ndustry Association on soliciting group standard test samples

According to the group standard project plan of China Rubber 1ndustry Association, the rubber shoes branch held the opening meeting of the group standard of functional shoes series in Shanghai on September 19, 2018. This time, the two functional shoes standards of anti-skid and cold proof were proposed. 1n order to ensure the scientificity and effectiveness of the standard formulation, ensure the smooth formulation, evaluation and release of the standard, and improve the standard adoption rate, Specially collect samples with one or both functions from enterprises, and determine the standard through testing. The standard description will refer to the test data, and the enterprise information will be treated as confidential. At the same time, the free test report will be provided for the enterprise

enterprises are welcome to provide test samples. Contact person: Wang Gang, Tel: 13325010150

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