NPC deputies of Ningbo NPC and CPPCC wearing masks

At 6:40 yesterday morning, 1 got up and looked out of the window. 1 was a little confused. Did my myopia increase again? 1 can’t see anything clearly! When 1 think about it carefully, 1 find that it’s fog and haze

9:00 to 11:00 in the morning is the time for the NPC deputies to report for the NPC and CPPCC sessions in Ningbo. At 8:20, 1 set out from home and went to the Ningbo Hotel on Mayuan Road, Haishu District. The Haishu delegation will report here

before 9 o’clock, in the lobby of Ningbo Hotel, the staff had put the credentials and document bags of NPC deputies in order. After inquiring with the staff, we found that there were many changes in this year’s meeting

for example, the most obvious thing is that the file bag is light. The staff said that not only the agenda of the meeting was shortened, but also the documents were reduced. Some notices and agenda were sent directly through the SMS platform

there is also the common washing bag (containing toothpaste, toothbrush and towel) in previous years, and the small gifts such as telephone cards have disappeared

at about 9:30, the staff were chatting. Suddenly, a NPC deputy wearing a light blue mask came in from the door and attracted our attention

when he opened his mask, 1 found that the NPC deputy was Zhu Shenghai, the boss of Tiansheng agriculture and animal husbandry

“1 read the weather forecast of my mobile phone in the morning and said that PM2.5 is 155, which is moderately polluted. When 1 look at the gray sky again, 1 don’t know whether it is fog or haze, so 1 think the actual data is not so high.” Before going out, for health reasons, Zhu Shenghai had to wear a mask

ZHU Shenghai said that although the motion he brought to the “two sessions” has nothing to do with haze, he is very concerned about this topic

“this kind of weather is very different from Ningbo, a coastal city. A while ago, Chen Yijun, vice mayor in charge, dropped his cruel words, which showed that the government attaches great importance to environmental protection. 1 also believe that after several years of hard governance, we can usher in blue sky and white clouds again. ” Zhu Shenghai said

yesterday, on the way from home to Ningbo Hotel, there were lots of construction sites and dust. Chu Peirong, deputy to the National People’s Congress and editor in chief of literary harbor magazine, called “1 really can’t stand it.”

she said that this issue is the most concerned topic of the common people at present, “1 am also a common people, so 1 am also very concerned about it.”

Zhou Jinyu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and deputy director of the civil and administrative procuratorial department of the Ningbo Municipal People’s Procuratorate, also admitted that he was most concerned about the haze problem when he reported yesterday. “Last week, the executive meeting of the municipal government deliberated and passed the” Ningbo air pollution emergency plan (Trial) “, so 1 didn’t make this motion. Let’s pay attention to it first.”

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