Nuclear radiation detector online hot buyers are mostly Japanese

according to the report of Southern Metropolis Daily, whenever there is a major event, the first reaction of the business is whether they can get money from it, which is the business’s profit instinct. However, the Japanese earthquake and nuclear leakage have also provided these businesses with excellent opportunities. Products related to nuclear radiation are on sale, from nuclear radiation detector to anti radiation bath salt, from anti radiation clothing to anti radiation health care products. As long as they can be labeled with anti radiation labels, all of them will not drop, and the concept brand is crackling

the cheapest price for personal use is 300 yuan

among a large number of products related to nuclear radiation, 1’m afraid the one that really belongs to nuclear radiation products is the nuclear radiation detector. Nuclear radiation detector is a small number of professional goods, so it is difficult to see the trace in the general market. Only professional instrument market can sell, and because the sales volume of this kind of goods is small, it is mainly sold online. The reporter visited the Huaqiangbei instrument market and found that there are indeed businesses selling the product, but they will specially make a label to hang on the shop surface, otherwise it is difficult for ordinary people to find the instrument

a merchant selling nuclear radiators told reporters that they mainly sell nuclear radiators in online stores. Recently, their sales have soared. They sold two or three nuclear radiators a month ago, and 16 in March. Mr. Tang of the instrument and meter mall said that in addition to the increase in online sales of his personal dose nuclear radiation alarm this month, offline sales also soared, with about 100 or 200 units sold. Moreover, due to the hot sale of the instruments, the manufacturers are out of stock, and the price goes with the market, rising from 900-1000 yuan to 1200 yuan

“orders are mainly from Japan.” Mr. Tang said that many of the buyers are Japanese living in Shenzhen or Chinese friends of Japanese. They buy the instrument by sending it back to Japan for their family or friends. Some Hong Kong people buy it, and some Chinese buyers use it themselves, mainly from northeast coastal areas such as Dalian, which is closer to Japan. According to him, this kind of instrument used to be sold to the radiology department of hospitals or some research institutions. There were almost no individual buyers. 1n the last half month, almost all the buyers were individuals

it is reported that there are more than ten types of nuclear radiation detectors. The prices of small and suitable detectors for personal use range from 300 to 5500 yuan, but they are selling well in the near future

most of the anti nuclear radiation products are speculation concepts

in addition to the nuclear radiation detector, most of the other nuclear radiation related products collected by the reporter are playing concept cards and self speculation. These products include anti nuclear radiation clothing, anti nuclear radiation mask, anti nuclear radiation air purifier, anti nuclear radiation health care products, anti nuclear radiation cosmetics and other categories. These products have anti nuclear radiation labels, claiming to be anti nuclear radiation, but the price is very cheap, which is no different from other similar products

the anti radiation clothing can be armed from head to toe, but the price is various. There are some as high as 30000 yuan, and more as low as 36 yuan. The relatively large sales volume is also this kind of low price protective clothing. The sales volume of anti radiation masks is also relatively large. The lowest price is less than 1 yuan, and the general price is concentrated in 3-5 yuan. The price of professional anti radiation masks is about 4000 yuan. Of course, the most recent sales volume is low price goods

Shenzhen Sihai labor insurance company told Nandu to remember that the company recently sold more than 3000 pieces of anti radiation masks. The person in charge of Shenzhen Hua’an labor protection products Co., Ltd. said that recently buyers have made more inquiries about masks and safety helmets

the person in charge of Daping labor protection products business department said that at present, the professional masks on the market have the functions of dust prevention and anti-toxic gas, and have never heard that they can prevent nuclear radiation, “but with mask isolation, they may also play a role in nuclear radiation.” According to him, dozens of yuan of protective clothing are made of non-woven materials, which can be said to be disposable. 1t can only protect the dust, liquid, gas, dust, pesticide and other shallow pollution, but it doesn’t work in the areas with heavy pollution

according to people in the labor insurance industry, most of the anti radiation products on the market now play the concept card. Even if they can really prevent radiation, they can only prevent electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers and other items, such as pregnant women’s anti radiation clothing. Because there are no effective detection methods and standards for anti nuclear radiation clothing in China, therefore, At present, most of the so-called anti radiation products sold well can be judged as false

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