Occupational hazards and preventive measures in rolling mill

Steel rolling is to use the rotary roll of rolling mill to make steel into various shapes. 1t can be divided into hot rolling and cold rolling, and their production processes are basically the same< (1) occupational hazards the main hazards are high temperature and radiation not only the surface of the heating furnace and the heated steel itself are heat sources, but also the floor paved with metal plates and machinery and equipment are heat sources. Therefore, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor of the rolling plant is very large in summer. 1n places where a lot of heat is released, carbon monoxide is often accompanied at the same time. The rolling mill produces strong noise in the rolling process. 1f radioactive testing equipment is used in product quality inspection, there is radiation hazard< (2) preventive measures (1) the fundamental measure to solve the occupational hazards in steel rolling production is the automation of production process and the realization of automatic operation

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