Occupational poisoning is easy to happen in winter, so preventive measures must be in place

Winter is the season of high incidence of occupational acute carbon monoxide poisoning and organic solvent poisoning. 1n the production process, the doors and windows of some enterprises’ workplaces are closed tightly, and the ventilation measures of the workshop are not implemented, resulting in the toxic and harmful substances can not be discharged in time, which has buried hidden dangers for the safety production and occupational health work. 1n order to avoid the tragedy, enterprises and workers with occupational poisoning hazards should strengthen safety protection in winter

[these industries are prone to occupational poisoning

in chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as in enterprises using organic solvents such as electronics, leather, toys, handicrafts, furniture manufacturing, occupational poisoning accidents are prone to occur. For example, the electronic manufacturing enterprises that use a large number of organic solvents have higher requirements on the cleanliness of the production workshop. When the ventilation of the workshop is not smooth and toxic and harmful substances accumulate, it will cause harm to the health of the operators and cause occupational poisoning

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