Oil field pays for upgrading labor protection products

“Now the labor protection products in our oilfield are not only comfortable and durable, but also fashionable and fashionable…” recently, at the forum for opinions on labor protection products of Qinghai Oilfield Company, employees from the production line “praised” one after another

Qinghai Oilfield Company invested more than 5 million yuan this year to implement the project of “upgrading the production line of special labor protection articles”, and newly purchased and installed 65 sets of labor protection production and inspection equipment. 1t is understood that Qinghai Oilfield labor service company produces 20000 sets of single and cotton anti-static special work clothes, 20000 pairs of single and cotton anti-static shoes and boots, and 300000 pairs of waterproof, oil proof and anti-static gloves for front-line employees of plateau oilfield every year

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