On April 1, the work-related injury appraisal method was implemented, and the maximum fine for swindling social security benefits was five times

On March 13, it was reported that the administrative measures for appraisal of work ability of injured workers (hereinafter referred to as the “measures”) were promulgated and will come into effect on April 1 this year According to the measures, anyone who swindles appraisal conclusions or gets industrial injury insurance benefits by cheating, forging certification materials or other means will be ordered by the people’s 1nsurance Department to return the swindled social insurance money and be fined not less than two times but not more than five times the amount swindled

the “measures” also stipulates that in case of work-related injury, the injured employee or his employer shall apply to the municipal labor ability appraisal committee for labor ability appraisal in a timely manner if the injured employee has disability and affects the labor ability after treatment and the injury is relatively stable, or the shutdown and salary retention period has expired (including the extended period confirmed by the labor ability appraisal committee). 1f the materials provided by the applicant are complete, the labor ability appraisal committee shall organize appraisal in a timely manner and draw a conclusion of labor ability appraisal within 60 days from the date of receiving the application for labor ability appraisal. 1f the injury is complicated and involves many medical and health professions, the time limit for drawing the conclusion of labor ability appraisal can be extended by 30 days

it is clear in the measures that if the injured workers can not participate in the appraisal on time for some reason, the time of on-site appraisal can be adjusted with the consent of the labor ability appraisal committee, and the time limit for making the conclusion of labor ability appraisal can be extended accordingly. One year after the conclusion of labor capacity appraisal is made, if the injured employee, employer or social insurance agency thinks that the disability situation has changed, they can apply for reexamination and appraisal of labor capacity to the municipal labor capacity appraisal committee divided into districts. 1f you are not satisfied with the conclusion of reexamination, you can apply for reexamination according to the regulations

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