On head protection in emergency rescue

[Abstract] Based on the performance comparison and research of commonly used head protective equipment and emergency rescue helmet, this paper suggests that the relevant national departments should promulgate the “emergency rescue helmet” standard which is still blank in China as soon as possible, so as to promote domestic personal protective equipment enterprises to have standards to follow, further develop and produce emergency rescue helmet, and protect the head safety of rescue personnel, We should do a better job in emergency rescue to ensure that more lives can be saved when disasters occur

in recent years, various natural disasters are frequent in our country, and the environment of rescue sites is complex and the conditions are harsh. Because there is no unified standard “emergency rescue helmet”, the head of rescue workers often can not be effectively protected, resulting in frequent injuries to rescue workers, and some even threaten individual life safety

the environment of natural disasters and emergency rescue sites often has the following uncertain factors:

1. There may be falling objects falling from the head or flying from the side of the head

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