On site responsibility to change goods occupying fire lane

With the arrival of summer, the temperature is gradually rising. 1n order to do a good job in summer fire prevention and control and reduce mass casualties, Yuanjiang fire brigade of Yiyang City, Hunan Province carried out a special inspection in building materials market on June 10

on the same day, the supervision and law enforcement personnel of the brigade focused on investigating the operation of wall fire hydrant, emergency lighting and other fire-fighting facilities and equipment in the building materials market; Check whether the fire passage, fire distance and fire extinguisher are in line with the specifications; And access to the site of the safety precautions, fire emergency plans and other software materials, the actual spot check of the staff operating fire facilities, fire extinguishers and other proficiency. During the inspection, the supervisor required all units to carry out targeted fire education and training in combination with the characteristics of summer fire, so as to effectively improve the fire safety awareness and self-protection and self rescue ability of employees, and prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents. At the same time, in the inspection, the supervisors try to make sure that there is no discount, no dead corner, no formality, one place for inspection, one place for safety and one place for rest assured. 1n view of the dynamic fire hazards found in the inspection, the supervisors order the units to rectify immediately and eliminate the fire hazards in time

during the inspection, it was found that a large number of goods, sundries and idle vehicles blocked the safe evacuation passage and fire lane in a building materials store. Once a fire broke out, it would affect the escape of employees and customers and the entry of fire engines to put out the fire. Moreover, the accumulated goods had no fire protection, which seriously violated the relevant fire safety regulations. 1n the face of this violation, the fire supervision and inspection personnel of the brigade educated the person in charge and ordered the goods, sundries and vehicles to be moved

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