On site safety inspection innovation of Anyang Steel Jianan branch

1n May, the safety supervision group of Anyang Steel’s Jian’an branch went deep into the base platform, overhaul and maintenance site for several days in combination with the mass line practice activities, and investigated many adverse factors such as oil pollution, high and edge, cross operation, multi hole, multi gas environment, etc; Dynamic management and control of all kinds of adverse factors existing in the process of on-site construction, pay close attention to the safety supervision and control of relevant parties, and achieve good results through management innovation

since the beginning of this year, the company has been under the command of the main leaders, organized safety technical and professional technical personnel from multiple departments to set up safety supervision group, went to the construction site from time to time and from time to time, eliminated hidden dangers and checked violations, and seriously implemented supervision, inspection and rectification measures. At the same time, they also combined weekly inspection with monthly inspection, regularly reported the results of supervision and other forms, in accordance with the idea of “correcting violations and being merciless” to grasp violations and environmental governance with an iron hand

during the inspection process, the safety supervision group combined with the mass line activities, put people first and education first, and took various measures to improve the safety operation awareness of employees. They continue to innovate the way of work, through the safety management and control work to do a good job of the construction department head to participate in the safety supervision group to exchange experience; Let the construction department with poor safety management and control work check the problems and put forward suggestions, and analyze the existing problems on site; The main leaders visit the management of the construction department, take the face-to-face communication way, check the problems and defects existing in the safe construction and production, and jointly think about the method and effect; Face to face communication with on-site operation staff, let them talk about the most unforgettable safety accidents around or encountered, and improve the on-site personnel’s awareness of safety accidents. The safety supervision group provides on-site guidance for the safety operation of relevant parties, helps them find out the key points of risk control, and standardizes their construction behavior. They should be good at taking responsibility, solving problems and tracing the causes, so as to find the best solutions and methods to solve problems

through this series of safety education and scientific management and control means, every employee should pay attention to safety operation from the bottom of his heart, and guide the employees to do well in nine aspects: good at observation, good at refinement, good at thinking, good at summarizing, good at communication, good at cooperation, good at prevention, good at improvement and good at taking responsibility. Let the staff understand that “safety work is like a sports event of high performance”, and further motivate the management and staff to devote themselves to the work in the best condition and put the safety responsibility into practice

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