On the development of work clothes culture

The cultural development of work clothes has gone through a tortuous stage. 1n general, people can choose clothes freely. The effect of people’s clothes reflects their personal temperament and self-cultivation. At the same time, it also shows people’s different views on culture. The change of work clothes is very typical

among all kinds of clothing, work clothes is also a special one. 1t is a cognitive and ideographic way of people in the society. Therefore, it must reflect the mentality of some social groups and become an important part of people’s social life style in a certain period of time. As a work suit, it should have its outstanding characteristics, that is, it can directly show the wearer’s identity, status and work characteristics, and give full play to its visual recognition function. Among them, the hotel uniform which attracts people’s attention not only has the cultural characteristics of a work uniform, but also has a unique special purpose to meet the needs. As a kind of work clothes, the design and wearing of hotel work clothes play an important role in the development and external identification of the hotel. The influence of hotel uniform has gone far beyond its professional scope, ranging from international society, national symbol, etiquette scale to corporate image and spirit

especially in the era of rapid development of modern hotel industry, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the division of hotel registration is becoming more and more strict. According to the national standard GB / t14308-1997, the classification of different star hotels is based on the hotel’s construction, decoration, facilities and equipment, management and service level. The specific evaluation method is in accordance with the evaluation standard of facilities and equipment, the evaluation standard of facilities and equipment maintenance, the evaluation standard of cleanliness and sanitation, the evaluation standard of service quality, the evaluation standard of service quality, the evaluation standard of service quality, the evaluation standard of service quality, the evaluation standard of service quality, the evaluation standard of service quality, the evaluation standard of service quality Five standards, such as one guest evaluation standard, are implemented. This standard is applicable to all foreign tourist hotels, including all kinds of business, sightseeing and holiday hotels. 1t covers the hardware requirements of safety, health, environment and construction, as well as the annual requirements of internal management organization and quality of service personnel. 1n the face of such standardized and international requirements, the establishment of hotel image and hotel culture is necessary and important

nowadays, the demand for customized work clothes is higher and higher. No matter from the design, or from the production of fabric, color, style, it should be in line with fashion. For example, the work clothes worn by the staff working in the bank must integrate the logo and color of the bank into the work clothes. 1n addition to being calm, professional and noble, they should also pursue the fashion trend and have modern style. 1n design, neckline, cuff and other details determine its good or bad

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