On the fire safety of construction site

At present, due to the dry climate and short rainfall, this season belongs to the high development period of fire accidents. Especially because of the cold weather, the construction site needs heat preservation and other reasons, many construction site fire accidents occur from time to time, especially easy to cause great economic losses and casualties. The fire accident exposed some units and individuals’ weak awareness of fire safety, poor ability of emergency self rescue, illegal operation, no fire safety system and management measures, no preparation of safety emergency plan and other illegal phenomena, and also fundamentally exposed some fire safety problems faced by the construction site, so the safety fire prevention work is urgent< First, establish and improve the fire safety responsibility system and rules and regulations, and the responsibility should be assigned to each person. The project manager is the first person responsible for the fire safety at the construction site and is fully responsible for the fire safety at the construction site. Formulate the emergency rescue plan for safety accidents at the construction site, establish the voluntary fire safety emergency rescue team, and be responsible for the daily fire inspection and the handling of sudden fire accidents. At the same time, a special person is assigned to be responsible for the safety inspection before and after the shutdown, so as to find and eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards in time and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents< Second, scientifically and reasonably plan the fire safety layout of the construction site to minimize fire hazards. The operation area is divided according to the actual situation of the site. Especially in open fire operation area, combustible material stacking area, dangerous goods warehouse, etc., and obvious fire warning signs shall be set< Third, safety education. Carry out fire safety education for all construction personnel, make them familiar with basic fire knowledge, learn to use fire fighting equipment, and master the emergency methods at the initial stage of fire fighting. 1n particular, it is necessary to strengthen the fire safety education and training for operators of special types of work, such as electricity and gas welding, so that they can work with certificates< 4. Standardize the management of temporary power consumption on the construction site. TN-S system must be adopted for temporary power consumption, which meets the requirements of "three-level distribution and two-level protection" and "one machine, one switch, one leakage and one box"; Distribution box setting, line laying, neutral protection, grounding device, electrical connection, leakage protection and other distribution devices shall meet the requirements of relevant standards and specifications. The disassembly and assembly of construction power lines must be operated by professional electricians to eliminate the phenomenon of random pulling and hanging; 1t is strictly forbidden to use electric stoves for cooking and heating in canteens, dormitories and other places. 1t is not allowed to use "fast heating" to boil water. Lighting lamps and electric blankets must be turned on and off regularly, and the power must be turned off when personnel leave< 5. Strengthen fire management on construction site. Strictly implement the examination and approval system of fire work in flammable and explosive places. Oxygen and acetylene can not be mixed. During welding operation, special person shall be assigned to supervise and equip with necessary fire-fighting equipment. Non combustible materials shall be used as shielding isolation plate at the welding point accessories to prevent potential fire hazard caused by welding bead splashing everywhere; Smoking rooms shall be set up at the construction site, and smoking is not allowed in warehouses, dormitories, beds and other flammable and explosive places< Sixth, adhere to the basic policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" in production safety, and work together with one heart and one mind. Through the effective management and technical means, reduce and prevent the unsafe behavior of people and the unsafe state of things, effectively eliminate the hidden danger of safety accidents, prevent and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents copyright notice: This article is reproduced by 1nternet media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with China labor insurance network. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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