On the maintenance of fire fighting equipment

1n recent years, with the support of the relationship between Party committees and governments at all levels, a large number of high-quality, sophisticated and cutting-edge equipment have been equipped to the fire forces, and the level of equipment construction has been continuously improved. With the increase of fire fighting and rescue tasks, the loss of fire fighting equipment will be accelerated. Whether the maintenance work is timely and effective will directly affect the formation of the combat effectiveness of the army. The author combines the situation that the individual is engaged in war service support work, talk about a few understanding< There are many kinds of fire-fighting equipment, and it is difficult to buy accessories. only Shizuishan detachment has less than 40 fire-fighting vehicles, with 11 suppliers and more than 20 equipment suppliers. At present, the market of fire-fighting equipment maintenance accessories is in chaos. For products with similar appearance, there is a big gap in price and quality. After the fire equipment is damaged, there is no professional maintenance station. For example, the maintenance of fire vehicles still adopts the mode of combining self-repair by the army and maintenance by the manufacturer. When the vehicle is sent out for repair, we often encounter the phenomenon that the market price of auto parts varies greatly with the region, and there is a “shoddy” phenomenon. 1n addition, it takes a long time to contact the manufacturers thousands of miles away after the fire-fighting equipment is damaged, which affects the combat readiness. 1n 2012, a lift jet fire truck of a squadron broke down, which could not be solved in Ningxia. 1t was only half a year after returning to the factory that it was put into service again. What’s worse is that some manufacturers closed down, and the fire-fighting equipment purchased by the army could not find the source of maintenance accessories after being damaged, so they had to scrap the fire-fighting equipment

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