One article will let you know about safety shoes

At present, the more common protective shoes include safety shoes, insulating shoes, anti-static and conductive shoes, steel-making shoes and shoe covers, cold proof shoes, etc. in addition, there are soles suitable for road construction workers for heat insulation, soles suitable for construction workers for reinforcement, soles suitable for food and wine workers for moisture-proof protective shoes, etc. The functions of protective shoes are mainly set according to the working environment and conditions. Generally, they have the functions of anti-skid, anti puncture and anti extrusion. 1n addition, they have specific functions, such as anti-conductive and anti-corrosion

the safety shoes market is left out in the cold

if people do not wear safety helmets, when they suffer accidental injuries, because the injured head is likely to cause serious injury or even death, but without protective shoes, the injury will be much lighter and rarely life-threatening. 1t is also for this reason that the correct wearing of protective shoes is often ignored by workers. According to Luo Baihui, the operation supervisor of Dongguan Knight safety shoe material factory, when a colleague went to the construction site for inspection, he found that many workers were wearing sneakers or even slippers. According to the regulations, the construction site workers must wear toe safety shoes according to the work needs, so as to avoid hard objects crushing, metal objects stabbing feet, etc.

lack of supervision is also one of the reasons for inadequate foot protection. Workers should wear what kind of shoes, what kind of protective function the shoes need to have, this work is lack of supervision. Some enterprises have safety officers to inspect, but the strength is often not enough, or the safety officers can not find that the protective shoes of workers are unqualified. Some workers think that the distribution of work clothes and shoes and hats is just for uniform dressing, or a kind of welfare. 1n addition, some labor protection articles do not meet the needs of modern production, which leads to the long-term neglect of labor protection articles, especially for hand and foot protection, which seems to have nothing to do with life safety.

it is understood that for a long time, compared with other high-tech industries, the labor protection products industry has insufficient investment and slow development. High tech and high standard products produced by some enterprises are used for export. A person in charge of a protective equipment manufacturer said that they are not unwilling to sell their products in the domestic market, but are limited to the fact that domestic enterprises invest less in labor protective equipment and do not fully implement the relevant national laws and regulations.

one of the problems restricting the development of protective shoes in China is the cost of shoes. 1n view of the current background, the price that can be accepted by the enterprises purchasing protective shoes is generally low, and the low price also determines the cost of products, which leads to the poor quality of cheap protective shoes

the new standards promote the “face changing” of protective shoes

in fact, the pace of China’s gradual approach to international standards in labor protection articles has never stopped. As early as 1988, the former National Technical Committee for the standardization of labor protection articles carried out the research on the standard system of labor protection articles. However, due to many changes in the organization, the standard revision of labor protection articles failed to achieve the expected goal. At present, China has formulated and promulgated a series of national standards and industry standards for labor protection articles, but there are still some national standards in the process of formulation.

in December 2005, four national standards of protective shoes for labor protection articles were drafted (Revised) and approved by Wuhan 1nstitute of safety and environmental protection of Sinosteel group, These four standards are “personal protective equipment – Test methods for shoes”, “personal protective equipment – safety shoes”, “personal protective equipment – protective shoes” and “personal protective equipment – Occupational shoes”, covering the national quality test methods and specific quality standards for shoes as important labor protection articles

the new standards for the above four protective shoes have been submitted for approval in 2006, and the “personal protective equipment – Test methods for shoes” will be officially implemented in February 2008. Compared with the original standard, these four standards have great changes, mainly reflected in the single function of shoes stipulated in the original standard. However, due to the increasingly complex workplace, protective shoes are required to have multiple functions, and the new standard has added more functions. 1n the original standard, in addition to the “general technical conditions for electrical insulating shoes”, the rest of the standards will be replaced by the new standard

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