One belt, one road, the new forum for international emergency management in 2018

One belt, one road, one belt, one road, is held at Beijing 1nternational Forum on emergency management and the

2018 “safety forum for development along the way” in Beijing from 6 to 7 2018. The Forum on new era emergency management and the 2018 “one belt and one road” security development forum were held in Beijing. He Yiting, executive vice president of the Central Party School (National Academy of administration), Shang Yong, member of the Party group and vice minister of the emergency management department, representatives of the United Nations in China, and relevant persons in charge of the 1nternational Red Cross attended and addressed the opening ceremony

Shang Yong pointed out in his speech that the Chinese party and government attach great importance to emergency management. Since the founding of new China, especially since the 40 years of reform and opening up, great achievements have been made in emergency management, including disaster prevention, work safety and fire rescue. China’s China Central Committee, comrade Xi Jinping, focused on the major milepost decisions and arrangements for the establishment of the emergency management department in March this year. 1t is a major move to promote the construction of the new era emergency management system and an important milestone in the development of China’s emergency management. Br/>
, Shang Yong, stressed that China’s emergency management department will take Xi Jinping’s new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as the guide, and promote the formation of an emergency management system with China characteristics, improve and perfect the working mechanism, improve the emergency management capability, deepen the reform and development of safety production, improve the system of policies and regulations, and speed up the construction of China’s emergency system with China’s characteristics. To create a good security environment for high-quality economic development, decisive victory and building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way

Shang Yong pointed out that it is the common responsibility of the international community to strengthen emergency management, properly respond to disasters and accidents, and protect people’s lives and property. One belt, one road, the other two sides will take the lead in the implementation of the important directive of President Xi Jinping, improve the system of multi bilateral international cooperation, participate in the cooperation mechanism under the UN framework, deepen the “one belt and one way” regional cooperation, carry out international rescue, and promote the construction of a community of human destiny.

the theme of this forum is “emergency management system construction in the new era: China and the world”. More than 130 representatives from government departments, universities, enterprises, social organizations and international organizations at home and abroad attended the forum

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