One of my site safety inspection experiences

On April 1, the safety supervision division of the unit and the trade union jointly organized relevant personnel to carry out safety inspection at Heshun construction site. The author, as a special safety officer of the unit, accompanied the safety inspection team of the unit to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection on the construction site. During this period, we carried out a detailed inspection on three points of the construction site, and the situation is as follows:

first, loading civil explosives

1 saw the safety keeper, after loading civil explosives into the vehicle, just lock the trunk on the door, but not lock it

this is why 1 rushed to ask him why he left without locking the door. He said, it’s just a short distance, not far, too much trouble

1 said, when is the procedure not required to be locked? He couldn’t answer, so he had to lock the door. Seeing that he was a little unconvinced, 1 said that if the car was not locked, the explosives and detonators in the car would be lost. 1f they were lost, they would not be found, which would do great harm to society. We must be highly alert when we are engaged in the operation of civil explosives

after listening to my story, he felt that he had violated the rules and did something wrong2. Blasting operation is the most dangerous operation in unit seismic exploration. Every time 1 check, 1 will never miss this homework point

when 1 got to the blaster, what came to my eyes was that the workers gathered and surrounded and chatted there. When 1 stepped forward, 1 asked the blaster, what are the rules for the operation site of the blaster, and why so many people gathered here. Some with mobile phones, some with walkie talkies, once the radio frequency electrical interference, will cause a misfire accident

after listening to the questions, he felt that he had done something wrong and quickly dispersed the staff

not too many meetings. They are going to start shooting. 1 stand nearby to observe whether his operation method meets the requirements of the regulations

1 saw him connect the line with the operator. After he left the shooting point, he began to report to the instrument room with his walkie talkie, so he could shoot

after firing, 1 asked him how far away you should be from the firing point. He said that at present our operation site is very safe, the blasting wells can’t be opened, and there is no trace of deformation. Just 10-20m away from the shot point

1 said that the requirements of the regulations are not less than 30m, can 20m meet the requirements? What if a shot of dynamite doesn’t go down to the bottom of the well and produce splashes

after listening to my explanation, they started to drill the depth of the well before blasting, and they worked at a distance of no less than 30m< The key to mountaineering operation is whether the shoes are antiskid and whether the soles are smooth. 1t happened that a worker was about to walk past me. 1 stopped him and looked at the soles of his shoes. 1 didn't know, but 1 was really scared. The sole of the worker's shoes has worn out. 1 immediately told the person in charge of the scene that we should immediately replace the worker with new labor protection shoes to prevent wrestling on the mountain after the inspection, we communicated with the person in charge of the site. The person in charge of the scene put forward opinions on the squib problem. He said that at present, the reason for the production of squibs is that the shaft wall is not vertical, and the processing tools are not special tools, which are dangerous. At present, they can only be protected from labor protection 1 said that the regulations on the disposal of squibs are not detailed and need to be taken seriously. The key is to strengthen the hole monitoring work, adopt the method of circle drilling, make the hole center perpendicular to the ground, and provide technical parameters for the treatment of squib. The drill pipe should be calibrated and dimensioned every 20m. When the top of the explosive is 20-30cm, the ceramic hole should be stopped and the explosive should be detonated. This is the best way to deal with Squibs at present as for the safety production in the survey area, firstly, the safety awareness can be relaxed at any moment, and the safety regulations must be strictly observed. More meetings should be held, more emphasis should be put on safety, regulations should be strictly implemented, and illegal behaviors should be eliminated. On site management should be strengthened for the operation sites of civil explosives. No one is allowed to enter, let alone gather and encircle our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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