One person killed in gas leakage explosion at home

reading tips | at about 8:25 a.m. yesterday, an explosion occurred at a resident’s home in huguangyuan community, Xihuan Road, Zhengzhou City, killing one person and injuring another. 1t was preliminarily found that the accident was caused by gas leakage. The victim, a male surnamed Niu, is 22 years old

after the explosion, the smoke almost engulfed the residential buildings

“bang, 1 thought there was an earthquake!” At more than 8 a.m. yesterday, more than 10 readers called Dahe Daily hotline one after another, saying that an explosion occurred in a residential house in huguangyuan community, and the rolling smoke rushed upward, almost drowning the 21 storey residential building< At 9:20, the reporter rushed to the scene. The residential building is located in the northeast corner of the community, marked as building 50. According to the reporter, the building is designed as a ladder with five households. The explosion point is on the north side of the fourth floor of the building, and the room number is 405. 1ts doors and windows have fallen off, and the doors and windows of many residents around and some residents in the south of the building have also been blown out of sight downstairs 50, it is difficult for the deceased to distinguish his face and gender. Three or four meters away, the roof and windshield of a black Nissan car were seriously damaged. “This car has only been bought for two months, almost destroyed.” Community property company said< Unfortunately, a 22-year-old man was killed. At 9:40 a.m., relevant leaders of Zhengzhou City and Zhongyuan District rushed to the scene to deploy rescue at the scene, according to the relevant person of the property company of huguangyuan community, after the incident, they immediately sent people to call from house to house to inform other residents on the 50th floor to go downstairs to escape, “my family lives on the 16th floor. When 1 heard the explosion, 1 thought it was demolition. 1 got up and looked out. There was a lot of smoke outside. ” One owner said that he felt the situation was not good. He and his family quickly wet the towel and hurried down the stairs. Due to the impact of the explosion, the elevator was blown out of use, and part of it twisted into a twist the reporter noticed that 50 meters away from building 50 is a fast hotel. The window rack and the iron vegetable washing pool at the door were blown out of shape. “These two things were blown out from the opposite building.” Mr. Song, the owner of the hotel, said that the sudden explosion also damaged his car parked at the door. Between the Express Hotel and the No. 50 building, seven or eight simple board houses were almost completely removed due to the impact of the shock wave at about 10 am, the fire caused by the explosion was completely put out and the dead were transported away. Police on the scene said that the deceased, surnamed Niu, was 22 years old. He was not the owner of 405, but a relative of the owner and lived in his home< 1n recent days, in order to cooperate with the police investigation, the water and electricity supply of building 50 was cut off, and 105 owners in the building where the accident happened could go to relatives and friends to tide over the difficulties temporarily; 1f there are no conditions, they can get the bedding provided by the civil affairs department and live in the community activity center< At 7 o'clock last night, a person from the Publicity Department of the Central Plains District Party committee said that the explosion investigation headquarters had been set up in the district to entrust the Academy of Architectural Sciences to make a scientific assessment of the damaged houses. The explosion resulted in one death and one minor injury to a property company. 1t was initially found that it was caused by gas leakage, and the cause needs further investigation reminder small details omission may cause disaster gas is closely related to residents’ life, how to use it scientifically to eliminate hidden dangers according to Ms. Zhang of Zhengzhou China Resources Gas Co., Ltd., in a confined space, when the concentration of gas leaked in the air reaches 5% – 15%, an explosive gas mixture will be formed, which will explode in the presence of open fire or spark. Therefore, from a safety point of view, we must prevent gas leakage. To prevent gas leakage, the rubber hose should be replaced every two years, and when it is used up, do not forget to turn off the engine and turn off the gas valve “a lot of people try to save time and put out the fire after dinner without closing the valve.” Ms. Zhang said, as everyone knows, this small link has brought great security risks. Some users feel that the hose is not aging and can be used for several years a simple detection method is to wet the hose with washing powder, and then open the gas valve to see if there are bubbles overflowing – this is a simple way to check whether the hose leaks. 1n addition, a more important detail is that the windows of the kitchen should not be closed tightly in all seasons, regardless of wind and rain, leaving a gap of four or five centimeters. 1n this way, the air circulation in the kitchen can be increased. Even if the hose leaks and gas overflows, they will soon float out of the window and will not reach the detonation concentration this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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