One-stop purchase of labor protection and protection products

During the epidemic, online has become the main mode of self-help for enterprises, and enterprises gather their strength online to create a second battlefield against the “epidemic”.
With the surge in demand for medical protection and telecommuting, the online industry is developing rapidly. By providing services and assistance to B-side and C-side customers, Gongpinhui rapidly develops the business needs of the online industry and seizes opportunities. Through the surge in demand, the platform’s customer acquisition cost has been reduced, and the market has been quickly penetrated.
While the construction workers of the Great Heaven dynasty were still plagued by noise, dust, and poisonous gas, the deeply rooted construction safety protection and occupational health standards in developed countries have set a good example for us! Workers are fully armed construction.
In contrast, most companies in China have a weak sense of occupational safety, and safety incidents continue to emerge. Of course, China has another group of companies that have never stopped exploring on the road to occupational safety.
In the application procurement scene of Gongpinhui Mall, the editor saw the labor protection products specially configured for enterprises: foot protection, fall protection head, head protection, respiratory protection…nothing is missing!
One-stop procurement on the platform of the mall, no effort or effort is required. Gongpinhui considers the all-round labor protection and labor protection needs of the workers, and has established a complete labor protection and labor protection product system for the enterprise.

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