Online shopping for earplugs

[buyer] my mother-in-law said that the earplug fell out easily. 1 tried it myself, but it didn’t work. 1 gave a medium rating, but don’t call me, otherwise it would be changed to a poor rating. Thank you

[shopkeeper’s reply] it’s easy to drop / ineffective. You’d better take a look at the instructions… At the bottom of the webpage, there are pictures of correct and wrong wearing. Please compare them

– in addition, although we are relieved, we will not call because of this kind of evaluation now or in the future. Thank you

– are you kidding? Everyone is so busy

– 1’ve read a lot about the urban legend that Taobao sellers immediately kneel and lick

– what’s more, according to experience, communicating with people who don’t read instructions is a major disaster in communication

– to check the time cost, we never thought about making a phone call at all

– it’s money for telephone charges

[buyer] is too bad, which is seriously inconsistent with the seller’s description, and is very dissatisfied. The seller’s attitude is very bad. He also swears and swears. He doesn’t take customers seriously

[shopkeeper’s reply] Hello, novice bad critic, how are you? Don’t you know that you can see the historical evaluation by clicking the four hearts under your name? Don’t you know that when others click in, you will see that you write comments to all sellers like this? Do you know that the zombie fans of sina Weibo are more dedicated than you? Do you know that zombie fans have to use keyword intelligent matching to send comments? Do you know that even mobile phone cheaters now know how to make up a winding story to cheat money? Don’t you feel the emptiness of pipeline operation when you keep pressing Ctrl + C Ctrl + V? Can you get rich like this? Work hard to improve your professionalism, OK

[buyer] is very dissatisfied. After being plugged, it falls off, not to mention the sound insulation. Plugging is the same as not plugging, and its plasticity is too poor. 1t’s always pinching and hot to use

[shopkeeper’s reply] Hello, we are very angry. Whether this kind of earplug is worn well depends on whether it will fall off

Pu earplugs are softer than rubber putty, as long as you don’t rub your fingers on the surface of the earplugs like a pet after bathing and changing clothes, playing and singing! Sure! meeting! Pinch! Small! Don’t worry about pinching! Treat Pu earplug as rough as the enemy! 1f you squash it with your feet, you will bounce back by yourself

[buyer] the boss thinks your bad comments are very sharp, so 1’ll give you a bad comment to see how you reply to me

[shopkeeper’s reply] 1. # the “sharp” medium poor reply you see is not the whole picture of this order #

a bad comment & amp; Reply, does not allow you to return to the scene of the transaction. Behind some seemingly normal words, in fact, the buyer has already communicated with us on Wangwang / phone / SMS to the extent of “call me”. 1f the buyer is only using the problem, the shopkeeper will not spray people at will (you can check other replies, mainly to solve practical problems)

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