Online shopping for labor protection shoes is risky, so purchase should be cautious

Recently, Mr. Wang, a consumer, told reporters that he bought a pair of labor protection shoes online in an online shop during the 11th National Day. Because of the discount and promotion, the price was very cheap. As a result, he opened the glue after five days. Mr. Wang went to the store to ask for a replacement, but the operator said that the consumer’s purchase of labor protection shoes was a discount promotion, and the goods were not returned. Coincidentally, Mr. Liu, a consumer, called to report that he bought a pair of labor protection shoes in a labor protection shoe store. After wearing them for 10 days, the glue opened. The consumer asked the operator to return the shoes, but the operator said that the store was small and only willing to provide free maintenance

then, why is it easy to open the glue on the discount promotion labor protection shoes? According to the author’s analysis, it is estimated that they have bought products that have been in stock for a long time. These labor protection shoes may come out of the manufacturer of labor protection shoes. Because they are not sold as soon as possible during the warranty period, the store will sell them at a discount when encountering important festivals. 1f you unfortunately buy such labor protection shoes and find that they open after wearing them for a few days, you’d better not continue to wear them. Otherwise, you will not only lose money, More likely to endanger their own health and safety

under normal conditions, according to the first return and exchange conditions of the three guarantees of labor protection shoes, “any one of the quality problems, such as broken sole, broken heel, cross section, eye drop, stitching, gluing, broken upper foot, main root collapse, etc., that occurs within seven days from the date of purchase shall be returned or replaced unconditionally.” So online shopping for labor protection shoes, we must choose regular manufacturers of labor protection shoes, before buying, we must consult clearly, whether there is qualification, test report, whether the shoes have passed the shelf life

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