Online stores selling fake 3M masks, involving a total value of 46 million

due to the influence of haze weather and avian influenza epidemic, 3M masks have sold well in many places this year. But who would have thought that maybe this kind of mask is not only useless, but harmful? The Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that since May this year, Shanghai police, together with the police of nine provinces and cities, have destroyed 18 manufacturing, marketing and warehousing dens of fake 3M masks

at the beginning of this year, Fengxian public security bureau received a report from 3m product agents that counterfeit 3M masks were rampant on Taobao. Through the preliminary screening of the Economic 1nvestigation Detachment of the Branch Bureau, there are more than 300 online stores suspected of selling fake 3M masks. Take the most popular 8210 respirator as an example. 1t costs 8-9 yuan / piece in regular stores, but the unit price of Taobao online shop is 3 yuan, 2 yuan or even as low as 1.4 yuan. 1n some online stores specializing in labor protection products, masks are sold mixed with fake ones, making it difficult for people to distinguish the real from the fake. Finally, the investigators selected seven online stores as a breakthrough, and bought 30 masks in each online store for economic investigation. These masks are fake

according to the appraisal of 3M (China) Co., Ltd., the filtration efficiency and actual protection effect of these masks are far lower than the requirements of national standards, and they have little protection function. 1n addition, the filter material of the false mask emits a pungent plastic smell, which not only does not meet the requirements of the state for the filter material to be “non-toxic, tasteless and non allergic”, but also may endanger human health

Shanghai police said that the 1nternet is the main channel for selling fake 3M masks, relying on ultra-low prices. Some outlets launched 2 yuan to 3 yuan masks must be fake. During the investigation, baoweikang labor insurance company, which was set up in a residential area of Shenhe District, Shenyang, was listed as the largest production and storage dens by investigators, with a total value of more than 26 million yuan

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