Only 50% of the safety helmets used in construction sites are qualified

Beijing, March 13, according to the voice of China’s news, “in the random inspection of safety helmets, the pass rate is only 50%, can such safety helmets ensure safety?”

recently, Shanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision released the results of a spot check on product quality. Among them, only half of the safety helmets in use on construction sites were qualified. The unqualified items included: quality, vertical spacing, protrusion in the cap shell, impact resistance, etc, Unqualified safety helmet can not guarantee the head safety of operators in the accident, and daily wearing can also cause neck fatigue and cervical spine injury

vertical and horizontal comments: wearing safety helmet during operation is to ensure safety, but this is only half of the qualified rate, but it makes life safety a lucky gamble” The word “safety helmet” is simple to write, and the cost is not high, but the meaning behind it is as important as Mount Tai. Whoever makes the “safety helmet” farther and farther away from safety should be closer and closer to the severe punishment of the law

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