Only 57.5% of leather and shoes in Hunan Province passed the spot check

according to the footwear sampling inspection circular issued by Hunan Provincial Bureau of quality supervision in early September, 69 batches of leather shoes and tourist shoes were qualified, accounting for 57.5%, up 14.5% year on year

although the pass rate of this spot check has been improved, it is still at a low level in general, said Chen Hongbin, deputy director of Hunan leather product quality supervision and inspection authorization station. The main quality problem of footwear products is that the folding performance can not meet the standard, which is an important item to measure the quality of footwear products. 1t reflects that after the folding test, the length of opening glue, broken sole or crack exceeds the standard” The problem that the folding resistance of footwear products can not meet the standard exists every year, but this year it is more prominent. 51 unqualified products are the same problem. ” Chen Hongbin said

then, how can consumers identify the advantages and disadvantages of leather and footwear products in a wide range of markets

Chen Hongbin introduced several key indicators to measure the quality of footwear products: first, it should be regarded as the folding performance of shoes, and the folding performance should meet the requirements of QB / t1002-2005 or GB / t15107-2005; Secondly, we should pay attention to the wear resistance of the sole. The wear resistance mainly reflects the wear resistance of the sole, which is tested according to GB / t3903.2; The peel strength of leather shoes is one of the important indicators of the quality of leather shoes or travel shoes. 1n recent years, consumers’ complaints about shoes are also caused by degumming. Chen Hongbin also said that these seemingly professional indicators can get intuitive results through the bending and folding of footwear products in the process of consumers buying shoes

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