Only by choosing labor protection gloves well can you work without worry!

There are many types of gloves, such as windproof gloves, warm gloves, labor protection gloves, etc., and labor protection gloves are gloves that protect your hands from injury during work. Generally speaking, they are thicker than other gloves. What materials are labor protection gloves? Better to use? How to choose and use labor protection gloves correctly?

Which materials of labor protection gloves are better to use 1. The first layer of leather gloves
comes from the skin of the leather and does not require any mechanical processing and trimming. It has the advantages of dexterity, comfort, and precise gripping performance, which is suitable for the handling or operation of small and medium objects.
2. Two-layer leather gloves
come from the inner layer of the leather, which is obtained by removing the outer layer. It is wear-resistant and suitable for dry and heavy manual labor. It is suitable for sharp objects, cutting work, slippery objects and welding products. Installation, transportation and other work.
3. Cowhide gloves
Most protective gloves use cow head leather (scraped from the ribs) or cow two layer leather (from the back of the cow), which are soft, dexterous, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and Advantages such as puncture and heat protection.
4. Goatskin gloves
is a single leather layer, which is lighter than cowhide, and has the same advantages as cowhide. Its thickness is more suitable for making mechanical resistant gloves and has a better contact effect.
5. Pigskin gloves
Pig’s first layer leather and second layer leather are mostly used in Asian countries, and their mechanical resistance is poor and the dexterity effect after mixing is not very good, so they are used for simple isolation Effective gloves, but inexpensive.
6. Lambskin gloves
The wear resistance and tear resistance are poor, so they are used to make ordinary gloves. Generally, the thinner they are, the more dexterous and comfortable they are.

How to choose and use labor protection gloves correctly 1. Hand size
We should choose the glove that suits us according to the size of our hand. The glove is too small and the hand is very tight, which is not good for the hand. The blood is circulating, the gloves are too large, the work is not flexible, and it can easily fall from the hands.
2. Working environment
Different gloves have different protective effects. Only by choosing according to the special circumstances encountered in your working environment can you avoid unnecessary danger.
3. No damage
No matter what kind of gloves you are using, if damage occurs, you should replace them immediately, or put on other gauze gloves or leather gloves. use.
4. Rubber gloves
If the gloves are made of synthetic rubber, the palm should be thick, and the other parts should be of uniform thickness, and there should be no damage, otherwise it cannot be used. Moreover, it should not be allowed to come into contact with acid or other substances for a long time, nor should such sharp objects come into contact with it.

5. Note
Regardless of the type of gloves used, corresponding inspections should be carried out regularly, and corresponding measures should be taken if damaged. In addition, the cuffs of the clothes should be put into the mouth during use to prevent accidents; after use, wipe off the internal and external dirt, and after drying, sprinkle with talcum powder and place it flat to prevent damage. Do not place it on the ground.
Introduction to which materials are better for labor protection gloves and how to choose and use them correctly. Labor protection gloves better protect our hands when we work, so we must pay attention to whether we choose or use them. Buy gloves and go to the workshop!

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