Orders will gather in shoe and clothing industry

1f an enterprise wants to develop for a long time, the first thing it needs to do is to let consumers know and then get familiar with you until people’s life can’t do without you. When consumers have a sense of identity and even a sense of dependence on you, when they buy similar products, they will naturally follow your products. After having a broad and stable mass base, the market will follow, and the long-term development of enterprises will be just around the corner. Therefore, it is an inevitable choice for an enterprise to make a business card and make its own name in the industry, and the brand is the only choice to play this role. 1n a market, an influential brand represents the image of an enterprise in this market. However, how to make its own brand known to the world has become a compulsory course for every enterprise. A good brand marketing strategy will become the key to the development of an enterprise, and even the main cause of its survival

in the shopping malls, every day there are scenes of cruel fighting. The final winner depends on how the businesses respond. 1n the past April, it coincided with the intensive period of autumn and winter order meeting held by various shoe and clothing enterprises. 1n Quanzhou, a coastal city known as China’s four major shoe capitals, many shoe and clothing brands also appeared, and held the autumn and winter 2010 new product order meeting and press conference activities one after another. 1t is reported that during the intensive new product launch, many shoe and clothing enterprises not only launched their own new fashion products, but also opened the brand marketing war of the sporting goods industry in 2010

during the order meeting of various enterprises, the reporter found that in addition to competition in product style and quality, enterprises are also fighting openly and secretly in brand promotion and marketing, with their own tricks: they are willing to spend a lot of money, invite stars to speak for them, and use their extensive influence and credibility to improve the popularity and credibility of the brand; By sponsoring all kinds of domestic and foreign events, we can make our brands appear in sports arenas at home and abroad, so as to improve the influence of our brands; Some of them put in large-scale advertisements to increase the exposure of the brand and gradually penetrate into the life of consumers, so as to make consumers have a deep-rooted impression on it; There are also the use of the network this huge publicity channel, wantonly promote their own brand; For strengthening the construction of terminal channels, it is also gradually valued by enterprises… Diversified promotion methods make the competition for sporting goods market in 2010 brilliant. However, the high cost of promotion investment makes many small and medium-sized shoe enterprises overburdened; Simple, single advertising promotion as brand marketing, also let the enterprise’s brand road into a misunderstanding. How to improve the brand awareness on the basis of cost reduction? During the period of -13 May 11th, Mr. Zhu Yutong, China’s top brand marketing master, took China’s Quanzhou golf club with Shenzhen’s 15 years of brand marketing practical essence to teach Taiwanese enterprises of low cost brand marketing strategy. br/>

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