Ordinary “work gloves” are not ordinary, art knife can’t break

a pair of ordinary looking gloves can’t be scratched with a knife! This is the “magic glove” that the reporter saw in the excellent works exhibition of 2009 Ningbo invention and innovation competition yesterday< This kind of gloves is developed by Ningbo Dacheng New Material Co., Ltd. 1t looks similar to ordinary gloves, but there is a layer of rubber like material on the front of the gloves" 1s it true that a knife won't cut The reporter experienced one, first put the gloves on his right hand, and then Da Weifeng, the engineer of the company, scratched the reporter's hand heavily with a sharp art knife. The reporter obviously felt that the blade was cutting, and there was a little pain. But when he took off the gloves, there was no trace on his palm. When he looked at the gloves, there was only a very small scratch on the original place “why can’t this glove knife cut?” The original mystery lies in the material. The glove material is a high-tech product, which is made of ultra-high strength and ultra-high modulus polyethylene fiber and spandex fiber as the main substrate, woven by high-density computer glove machine and coated with PU resin. The glove has three patents according to the introduction, European and American countries have a firm requirement of level 3 for labor gloves, that is, ordinary blades can not be cut, but this new type of labor gloves has a firm requirement of leve5, and the art knife that can cut the white iron skin can not cut this kind of gloves

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