originally, there are only four kinds of safety signs. You can read them and remember them!

Safety sign definition

safety sign refers to a graphic sign composed of graphic symbol, safety color, geometric shape (border) or text to express specific safety information, which is used to prompt and warn employees, improve their attention, strengthen self-protection and avoid accidents

warning signs

remind people to prevent possible dangers. The safety color is yellow and the figure is a black triangle

warning signs

prohibition signs

prohibit and stop people’s unsafe behaviors. The safety color is red, the figure is round with slash in the middle

prohibition sign

instruction sign

mandatory requirements that people must comply with. The safety color is blue and the figure is round

instruction identification

prompt identification

provides people with information about the location and direction of the target. The safe color is green, and the figure is a square border. You can also add directional text to grow a square

warning sign: yellow, a sign to remind people to pay attention to the environment and avoid danger

no sign: red, no unsafe behavior sign

instruction sign: blue, a sign that some action or preventive measures must be taken

prompt sign: green, a sign providing certain information (such as indicating a safe place)

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