Outdoor skiing to wear a mask to protect the face

Skiing is a unique winter sport. While it brings people fun, cold wind also brings severe test to the skin. 1t can make the skin appear scaly cracks and lead to skin aging. Therefore, before skiing, special moisturizers for winter should be applied

when skiing, the UVA and UVB reflected from the snow surface have strong lethality. Face protection on the one hand need to wear sunscreen to deal with ultraviolet, on the other hand is to choose a suitable ski mask to deal with the cold

due to the fact that the skin loses a lot of water in the cold and dry winter climate, the skin irritation caused by the relatively fast cold wind formed during skiing and the skin burn caused by the strong ultraviolet on the snow surface, the sunscreen with SPF of 25 or higher should be selected. Apply sunscreen to every aspect, especially the inner side of the chin, nose and ears, which are easy to be ignored, because the reflected light of the sun will shine on, and these parts are the most sensitive and vulnerable parts

when skiing, if the wind is too strong, you can choose a special ski mask. 1n addition to avoiding the strong wind on the face, it can also prevent the direct sunlight on the skin. 1n addition, long term exposure to or near the lips can easily cause blisters. Skiers should preferably use lip balm to protect their lips, and they should be constantly smeared. Br / >
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