Oxygen mask for fire fighting in Beijing warehouse

Recently, a warehouse in Chaoyang District, Beijing, was on fire. The fire warehouse was located in the village of Xiao Wu Ji, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 1t was only about 300 meters from the double Xin experimental primary school. After the fire, police dispatched 13 fire squadron and 54 fire engines to the scene to carry out the fire. A group of firefighters wearing professional oxygen masks and oxygen bottles gathered at the fire site. After the efforts of all the firefighters, the fire was finally put out at more than 11 o’clock that night

the area of the fire was about 500 square meters. The fire officers and soldiers searched and rescued 15 people from the fire, 11 of whom were killed. Four injured people are being treated in hospital. Ping’an Beijing, the official microblog of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, said police had controlled two rental owners and the cause of the fire was under investigation

in recent years, countless firefighters have been killed by fire because of protecting people’s lives and property. Different from all the dangers, firefighters are facing more direct and violent death threats. While protecting people, who will protect the safety of firefighters? While we are moved by their heroic behavior, as labor insurance workers, the spontaneous sense of mission drives us to consider more about their on-site safety issues while producing and selling protective equipment, and let them work under the protection of safety as far as possible, which is the most direct concern for them

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