Paint factory staff fall into “poison trough”

Li Yongfa, an employee of the paint factory at No.19 Jinqing Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City, accidentally fell into the tank while cleaning it. After receiving the alarm, Kunshan public security fire brigade quickly mobilized Zhoushi squadron to rush to the scene for rescue. Zhu lichen, assistant to the squadron leader, wore a disposable gas mask and went into the tank alone to rescue. Before the complete coma, Li and Zhu were pulled out of the tank and sent to the hospital for rescue. After treatment, their vital signs were stable. As of press time, the cause of the accident is still under investigation

it is understood that the tank volume is about 10 cubic meters, the diameter of the tank mouth is only about 40 cm, and the tank is full of xylene and other toxic and pungent odor. Li Yongfa curled up in a corner of the tank. When the fire officers and soldiers arrived, he was in a coma, and his condition was critical. 1f the officers and soldiers wear air breathing apparatus and other facilities, they can not enter the tank, but if they do not take preventive measures, there is also a huge danger for the rescue officers and soldiers” 1f we don’t go to the rescue, the trapped people will surely die. ” Zhu lichen, assistant to the post-80s squadron leader, decided to wear a disposable gas mask and enter the tank alone to rescue. After entering the tank, Zhu lichen immediately tied Li Yongfa with safety rope. However, due to the toxic gas environment and physical overdraft, Zhu lichen’s consciousness gradually blurred. Before he was completely unconscious, he used his last strength to tie his safety rope with Li Yongfa’s safety rope” The other end of my safety rope is firmly in the hands of my comrades in arms. They will pull us up. ” When he learned that Li Yongfa was out of danger, Zhu lichen showed a bright smile on his pale face

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