Painters without safety helmets fall into vegetative state

After mediation by a judge of Zhuhai Xiangzhou District Court, an architectural decoration engineering company recently paid Xiao Qi, who fell into a vegetative state after brushing the wall, a total of more than 1.38 million yuan in various losses, including follow-up treatment fees and nursing fees

Xiaoqi, a migrant worker from Henan Province, accidentally fell while painting the exterior wall paint on a construction site in November 2011. After that, his wife sued a Hainan architectural decoration engineering company, a real estate contractor and the employer, who employed her husband, for compensation of more tha2.12 million yuan

the three defendants held that the plaintiff Xiaoqi was also at fault. Xiao Qi was employed by a construction and decoration engineering company in Hainan for only three days. On the day of the incident, when he arrived at the construction site, the construction site had not started yet. Without the foreman’s arrangement for work, Xiao Qi neither wore a safety helmet nor knew other people. He climbed up a scaffold more than two meters high without authorization and fell down, causing injuries. He was responsible for the accident

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