Passenger vehicles without safety belt will not be issued with transport license

Recently, the reporter learned that in order to ensure the safety of passengers during the Spring Festival transportation, the provincial public security department stipulated that passenger vehicles without “safety belt” should not be issued with road transport license, and the installation and use of “safety belt” on passenger vehicles should be included in the safety inspection as an important part of the exit inspection

according to the requirements of the provincial public security department, the road transport management department should urge the passenger transport enterprises and drivers to implement the safety notification system in strict accordance with the requirements. For the passengers who are not wearing the “safety belt”, persuasion and prompt should be adopted. After the passengers are wearing the “safety belt”, the passenger vehicle can start to depart. At the same time, the passenger transport vehicles without “safety belt” will not be issued with road transport license and annual inspection; The installation and use of “safety belt” for passenger vehicles will be an important part of the exit inspection, which will be included in the safety inspection items. For passenger vehicles that are not installed or do not meet the requirements of “safety belt”, the arrival scheduling will not be arranged

according to the regulations, the traffic management department should urge the road passenger transport enterprises to establish the reward and punishment system for the use of “safety belt”. For the enterprises that have not established the reward and punishment system, or have been found to have more than 10 times of passengers not wearing “safety belt” in a month, the corresponding scores will be deducted when bidding for new passenger lines and chartered (tourist) vehicles, Cancel the qualification of enterprise safety production reward and evaluation in that year; 1f it is found that the same passenger vehicle fails to fasten the “safety belt” for three consecutive times, the enterprise shall order the driver and passenger to learn the safety knowledge for three days, record the use of the “safety belt” in the integrity assessment record of the driver and passenger, deduct the corresponding score according to the integrity assessment requirements, and even revoke the qualification certificate

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