Passengers who do not wear seat belts will be fined

The measures for the implementation of the road traffic safety law of the people’s Republic of China in Hainan Province will be formally implemented on March 1. The adjusted provisions on punishment of road traffic violations in Hainan Province has greatly increased the punishment for some prominent traffic violations that seriously affect traffic safety and order, The provincial traffic police departments will focus on investigating and dealing with prominent illegal acts such as pedestrians and non motor vehicles running red lights, motor vehicles involving license plates and certificates, etc. in accordance with the new regulations< According to the new regulations, pedestrians who commit one of the following acts shall be given a warning or fined 50 yuan: violating traffic signals or disobeying the traffic police's on-site command to pass; There are crosswalks or street crossing facilities, and no crosswalks or street crossing facilities when crossing roads; 1solation facilities across roads; Stop and ride a motor vehicle on the motorway or sit, lie, stay or play in the motorway; Throwing a car and other behaviors that hinder road traffic safety; Overpasses and other bridges that enter expressways or are closed to pedestrians; Passing through the motorway, peddling and delivering goods passengers with five kinds of illegal behaviors will be fined 50 yuan if they have one of the following behaviors, they will be given a warning or fined 50 yuan: failing to use the seat belt according to the regulations; Failure to wear safety helmet as required; Not riding in a positive direction on a motorcycle; Throwing objects outside the vehicle; Get off when the vehicle is not stationary for 11 kinds of violations of riding electric vehicles, 50 yuan will be fined for driving a non motor vehicle with one of the following behaviors, a warning or a 50 yuan fine will be imposed: failing to pass according to the traffic signal regulations or disobeying the traffic police’s on-site command; When passing an intersection without traffic lights or traffic police’s command, the party with priority indicated by traffic signs and markings shall not be allowed to go ahead; Stop and stay in the traffic lane or walk between motor vehicles; Driving in a reverse direction, or not driving in a non motorized lane with a non motorized lane; Riding, driving a unicycle or driving a substandard bicycle on the road for more than 2 people; 1f there are crosswalks or pedestrian crossing facilities on the road section, it is not allowed to cross the motorway from the crosswalks or pedestrian crossing facilities; Hands off the handle, help the body parallel, chasing each other, speeding, twists and turns racing; Overpasses and other bridges that enter expressways or are prohibited for non motor vehicles; Driving a non motor vehicle refitted without authorization; Driving a non motor vehicle that should be registered according to law but has not been registered; Driving after drinking and taking drugs the new regulations make it clear that pedestrians, passengers and non motor vehicle drivers who violate road traffic safety laws and regulations in minor circumstances and voluntarily receive education to help maintain traffic order can be exempted from punishment 5000 yuan will be fined for driving a licensed vehicle the new regulations also specify that anyone who forges, alters or uses a forged or altered motor vehicle registration certificate, license plate, driving license or driving license shall be seized by the traffic management department of the public security organ, detained for more than 15 days and fined 5000 yuan; 1f a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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