Pay attention to details in safety production

Safety production is “greater than days”. At present, safety in production has attracted more and more attention from government departments at all levels and the society, because accidents often bring not only life and economic losses, but also unbearable political losses

at present, both the production industry itself and the government regulatory departments attach great importance to the work of work safety. With the gradual improvement of the legal system, through joint administrative law enforcement inspection and organization of emergency pull drill, the work safety system and mechanism are becoming more and more mature, and the emergency response capacity is generally improved. But we should also rationally see that there are still the following problems in the current response to production accidents: first, pay attention to response rather than prevention2. 1t is conscious but not guaranteed enough; 3. Emphasis on standardization and less implementation; 4. 1t is more than emergency but less reflection

the author believes that more attention should be paid to the details in order to truly achieve safety production: first, production and business units should implement the main responsibility and strictly implement the safety production guarantee measures according to the safety production laws and regulations2. The government supervision department should pay attention to the construction of expert team, guide experts to participate in the whole process of supervision, and improve the scientificity of decision-making; 3. We should not only emphasize the responsibility and attention of the leaders, but also pay special attention to the technical summary, the technical and procedural defects, and focus on the methods to solve the problems of production safety and the direction of future efforts. 1 believe that as long as our government regulatory departments and all walks of life can pay attention to the details, be prepared for danger in times of safety, adhere to the principle of prevention first, we will be able to better achieve safety in production

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