Pay attention to hearing protection and advocate the national awareness of noise prevention

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), occupational hearing loss is the most common occupational disease in manufacturing enterprises, one in nine people. However, in China, there are few local industry organizations or organizations to systematically test and study the protection of occupational hearing impairment. According to a 3M global survey on the use of personal protective equipment, 100% of the respondents in Norway cited the use of earmuffs, 67% of the respondents in France mentioned the use of communication earmuffs, while only 15% of the respondents in China

in order to let more people join the team of hearing protection, 3M hearing protection website has specially opened up the “1 promise, do a good job of hearing protection” section. We hope that through your messages and promises, we can start from me and from our own side, prevent hearing loss of ourselves and the people around us, and create a positive atmosphere for hearing protection and noise prevention

according to incomplete statistics, there are about 360 million people in the world who cannot fully hear all the voices they want to hear. These people suffer from hearing loss, which is listed by the World Health Organization as the world’s largest sensory impairment. And 16% of hearing loss in the world is caused by workplace noise

the noise in the workplace can not be avoided sometimes, but it is feasible to do the corresponding protection to reduce the impact of noise, so the relevant practitioners need to deeply understand the importance of hearing protection, and consciously improve the awareness of noise prevention, so as to minimize the damage

3M company has been paying close attention to the research in the field of occupational hearing impairment protection, and has brought a comprehensive and effective hearing protection solution including noise monitoring, hearing protection, protection verification, training and education into China

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