pay attention to occupational health and do a good job in prevention and control of occupational diseases

Recently, the safety supervision office of Songgang Street organized and carried out special training activities on occupational health, urged enterprises to seriously carry out occupational health inspection and prevention, and implemented the main responsibility of enterprise safety production. More than 100 key occupational health enterprises participated in the training, and more than 1000 copies of publicity materials such as occupational hazard notification cards and safety warning signs were distributed on site

experts from professional testing technology service companies were invited to give lectures in this training. Starting from the warning signs of occupational hazards, the training lecturers explained in detail the definition, classification and characteristics of occupational diseases, common occupational hazards, laws and regulations related to occupational disease prevention and control, And focus on the occupational hazard notification and the selection and wearing of personal protective equipment on the job site. After the training course, Songgang safety supervision office distributed more than 1000 copies of publicity materials, such as occupational hazard notification card, occupational hazard warning signs and so on, requiring enterprise safety management personnel to conscientiously implement the responsibility of occupational hazard notification, strengthen the occupational health training of enterprise employees, and actively carry out the prevention and control of occupational diseases

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