Pay attention to safety first, standardize labor protection wear

“in recent spot checks, it is found that all cadres and employees have worn labor protection articles as required, and so far, no negative incentive form has been issued.”. On October 18, Jin Yijun, head of the safety and environmental protection section of Zhejiang Puluo Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., said happily, “it seems that the special rectification of labor protection articles has made employees form good habits.”

in the past, workers who did not wear safety helmets in the workshop or dust masks in the dust workplace did not dress according to the regulations, resulting in industrial accidents from time to time. 1n response to this phenomenon, since September this year, the company has carried out special rectification activities for labor protection, in order to reduce the losses caused to enterprises and individuals due to improper use or non use of labor protection articles. The key points of inspection and rectification are improper use of labor protection articles or not using labor safety helmets, safety belts, dust masks, gas masks, protective glasses, ear protectors, special work clothes, protective gloves, protective shoes, etc

in order to ensure the implementation of this special rectification work of labor protection, they require all departments and workshops to put this work on the important agenda, strengthen the organization and leadership, arrange activities scientifically, and make full use of blackboard newspapers, internal newspapers and other propaganda media to create public opinion. At the same time, the company made full use of pre and post shift meetings, weekly meetings, regular meetings and other opportunities to organize cadres and employees to learn the management system of labor protection articles, and invited professionals to take the way of combining theory and practical operation to carry out special training on the use and maintenance of air respirators, gas masks, special work clothes and other labor protection articles. On this basis, they also organized all cadres and employees of various departments and workshops to sign a letter of commitment on labor protection articles, and specially registered and filed for the record, so as to ensure the implementation of the activities

in addition, in order to keep the activities from going through the motions, they have specially set up a safety special rectification inspection team with relevant personnel from the company’s office, engineering department, quality department, safety and environmental protection department, installed monitoring facilities in key places and important posts, conducted spot checks regularly or irregularly, and published the results of the spot checks. For individuals who do not wear labor protection articles according to the regulations, they should find out one and punish another, and never tolerate

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