Pay attention to safety in high place cleaning operation

1n recent years, among the high-rise buildings in large and medium-sized cities, we often see some migrant workers who are called “Spider Man” working at heights wearing ropes and climbing on high-rise buildings to clean the external walls with “small cranes”. These accidents of falling casualties of workers working at heights occur frequently. On the morning of April 23, 2009, when three workers were repairing the sign on the facade of the building on the top floor of No.3 building of Huamao Center office building in Hangzhou City, the construction basket suddenly fell off and three people fell from the top floor and died…

in the face of several falling accidents of workers working at height, when tracing the direct cause of the accident, The answer is always surprisingly similar: the security measures are not in place. For example, according to the Convention, high-altitude cleaning personnel should tie a main rope and a safety rope when they work, while many high-altitude cleaning personnel only tie a rope. Once the rope breaks, tragedy will happen. The root cause of the accident is that these high-altitude workers have not received safety skills training and assessment. Many migrant workers who are engaged in this work only rely on their experience and courage to work. They don’t know that there are so many stresses in the construction

the survey found that the current situation of employment and safety of work at heights in various places is really worrying. For the door-to-door business, most of the cleaning companies are enthusiastic and fully committed. When asked if the cleaning workers have work license and accident insurance, many companies have the same answer: they can work well, the price can be discussed, and other questions need not be bothered

generally speaking, the personnel engaged in work at height can be divided into regular cleaning company and “grass platform team”. The price of regular cleaning company will be much higher than the price of “Caotai team”. Regular cleaning company recruitment, pre job training, but also for workers to buy insurance every year. After work, they should be equipped with high-quality safety belts, safety helmets, gloves, high-altitude hanging plates, and the cleaning agents used are also products of regular manufacturers. 1f the cost is reduced, security risks will follow

nowadays, there are more and more cleaning companies. However, it is not easy for regular cleaning companies with their own workers. They have been robbed of too much business by the “grassroots team”. Therefore, many cleaning companies are looking for “grass team” outside. 1n order to save costs, these “grassroots teams” do not train workers or buy insurance for them. On the surface, some cleaning companies are formal professional companies, but in fact they have only one boss and no employees at all. They only rent a room in the guest house and claim to be cleaning companies, advertising and contracting business< According to the survey, subcontracting is very popular in the cleaning industry. Many unqualified units or individuals, after taking the job, subcontract it layer upon layer and earn "1ntroduction fees" from it. Many cleaning companies are just "intermediary companies" that undertake cleaning business. They employ some untrained and unlicensed foreign workers in the society to do cleaning work. 1n order to reduce the cost, when the labor protection articles such as ropes, safety belts, safety helmets and protective nets are not complete or the labor protection articles have not been strictly inspected, the workers are allowed to "put on their clothes"... the lack of safety awareness and protection awareness of the workers themselves is also an important reason for the frequent accidents. The fundamental solution is to strengthen the professional training of staff. However, the payment of the cost has become a bottleneck restricting the progress of training. Almost all contractors or contractors are unwilling to bear the cost, and most workers are unwilling to spend the money according to a person in the industry in the survey, the high-altitude cleaning industry lacks relevant industry regulations and clear operation specifications. For example, there are no unified regulations on what kind of cleaning tools cleaning workers must use and what kind of safety belts they should wear. 1n addition, most cities in China do not have special training institutions for high-altitude cleaning personnel. Workers engaged in high-altitude cleaning either do not receive any training or are trained by their own companies. Many high-altitude cleaning workers work without certificates. According to a staff member of the policies and Regulations Department of Hangzhou labor and Social Security Bureau, the personnel engaged in work at height must undergo training, pass the examination of relevant departments, and obtain the “work at height certificate” before they can work. One person and one certificate, annual inspection. But some shell cleaning companies in looking for people to work, although they also require them to show their work permit, but often just walk form< Relevant people suggest that in order to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents in high-altitude cleaning operation and effectively supervise high-altitude operation, relevant departments should start from two aspects: first, relevant policies need to be further improved to reduce the "vacuum" zone in supervision and fasten the "safety belt" for high-altitude operators as soon as possible. Second, the State Administration of work safety should include the work at height in the cleaning industry as special work to be supervised, and the personnel who have not passed the safety training assessment shall not take up their posts China labor insurance net

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