Pay attention to safety production in Maoming Petrochemical packaging workshop

The refinery packaging workshop of Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has carried out the activity of “competing with others to catch up with others” in a down-to-earth manner, mobilized all employees to consciously “strive for excellence and work first” and strive to catch up with advanced indicators, carefully operate and reduce consumption and increase efficiency

as the sulfur forming and packaging production of sulfur products in the packaging workshop is heavy manual labor, the workers still wear safety helmets, wear dust-proof glasses in their eyes and wear dust-proof masks in their mouths to carry and stack the sulfur bags with emphasis on physical strength, no matter in spring or autumn or in severe cold and heat. 1n the sulfur packaging production line with an annual output of about 60000 tons, each employee has to carry about 130 bags per shift. The two people work together, that is, each employee has to carry about 260 bags per shift, and each bag of sulfur weighs 50 kg. After one shift, his back aches and his legs ache, and his bones seem to be scattered. However, in order to create more profits for the company’s sulfur self-sale products, 1n the case that the electronic scale of sulfur measurement is not accurate enough and the measurement display is not easy to read, they carry forward the benefit consciousness of picking up “sesame seeds”. They are not afraid of hardship and accumulation. They scoop out each packet of overweight sulfur day after day like picking up sesame seeds, one or two, two or half a catty… A little makes a lot. Especially in the hot summer, the whole plant is like a big steamer. The workers sweat like rain when they carry their bags. However, they prefer to sweat more and work harder, but they also have to persevere in the process of carrying their bags. They scoop out a little overweight sulfur from one bag to another, and the shortage is made up. Over time, they scoop out 12.1 tons of overweight sulfur from January to April this year, The recovery benefit is over ten thousand yuan

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