Pay attention to the antiskid function of shoes when walking in snowy days

two consecutive days of snowfall have brought a lot of inconvenience to the city’s citizens. Especially for the elderly, pregnant women and children, it is particularly important to avoid slipping on the frozen road and causing unnecessary accidents when going out. Relevant experts suggest that people should pay special attention to the anti-skid performance of their shoes when walking out in the snow, walk steadily and pay attention to safety< 1t is better not to go out by bike in snowy days. When going out, you should choose to wear snow anti-skid cotton shoes, travel shoes or ball shoes instead of leather shoes and hard plastic soled shoes2. The sole should be soft and hard. Too soft or too hard sole is not good, because although too soft sole can increase the comfort of shoes, but it will lead to increased instability, so do not choose shoes with too soft sole< 3. 2 cm is better for heel. Too high heel will affect the position of center of gravity and make people fall; Flat shoes without heels have poor stability and are not suitable for wearing. Should wear a certain heel of anti-skid shoes, heel height to 1.5 cm to 2 cm is appropriate< 4. The upper should be higher. The elderly with poor stability of movement had better wear antiskid shoes with certain height and stability of upper, which is not only conducive to antiskid, but also can keep warm< 5. More grooves on the sole. The anti-skid shoes with deep and many grooves can make the sole free of broken ice and snow, and it is not easy to slip when walking 6. 1f you are walking, you can prepare two ropes and tie them to the shoes respectively. 1t’s better to circle them more than two times, and then fix them at the ankle. This can increase the friction of the sole, and the anti-skid effect is also good 7. Step on the thick snow to avoid floating ice and water. Walking in the snow should be small and not too fast. Do not lift heavy objects, do not put your hands in your pockets, because the kinetic energy of swinging your hands back and forth plays a balancing role 8. Don’t “rub” because it’s wet, it’s easy to slip. Try to raise your foot and step down to reduce the friction between the sole and the ground and reduce the possibility of falling 9. Due to the snow cover, some “traps” on the road will be covered. Therefore, be careful and pay attention to low-lying areas and well covers 10. Once you fall down and fracture, don’t rub and move randomly. Use scarves, books and other tools to fix the fracture site, ask others for help, and go to the hospital for treatment immediately

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