Pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of the safety belt

As the saying goes, a small mistake is easy to cause a big disaster. Sometimes a little son-in-law may cause many bad consequences. 1n particular, some of the car configuration, ignoring the maintenance, the consequences are often very serious

there is no doubt about the importance of seat belts

many car owners believe that seat belts are as simple as “pull over and buckle up”. Although it’s just a simple strap that can be buckled up, it can save your life at the critical moment. 1n the event of a collision, the safety belt can firmly bind the driver and passenger to the seat. With the cushion protection of the air bag, the injury caused by the collision can be greatly reduced

the main protective functions of the safety belt are as follows: 1. 1t can resist the deceleration during the collision, so that the driver and passengers will not have a second impact with the steering wheel, instrument panel, windshield and other objects2. Through the extension of the safety belt, the deceleration force can be buffered again; 3. Prevent drivers and passengers in the car from being thrown out of the car in an emergency. So, before putting on the handbrake, make sure that your seat belt is always fastened on you. This is the most basic habit of driving

the safety belt will also be aging and “shut down”

don’t think it doesn’t need maintenance. Let’s take a look first. Under what circumstances will the safety belt “stop working”? BYD’s master Chen told reporters that with the use of some models for a long time, the safety belt will also be aging. The main performance is that the internal spring coiler is aging, and the safety belt will be too loose or cannot be tightened in time. At this time, the safety belt has begun to “stop working”. 1n an emergency, if the safety belt is too loose, it is easy to cause the occupant to slide out of the safety belt, causing serious injury; Or if a person has touched the air bag, but fails to tighten the safety belt in time due to the excessive tension margin, and fails to eat part of the impulse as expected, he will give all the burden to the air bag, which may also lead to serious injury to the passengers

Mr. Chen said that if the safety belt has been subjected to a strong tensile load in use, it should be replaced even if it is not damaged and can not be used any more. After the collision accident, regardless of whether the airbag is detonated or not, the maintenance station personnel should be asked to conduct a comprehensive overhaul of the relevant safety system; 1f your car has ever had a collision that caused the airbag to pop out and burst, then the safety belt must be replaced in time

how to self check the “health” of the seat belt

Mr. Chen said that every car owner can check whether the seat belt is aging, losing tension, etc. General safety belt devices have the function of safety belt tension limiter. 1n addition, always check the position of the release button on the buckle to make sure that the button can be easily touched and opened, so that the safety belt can be unfastened in case of accident

Master Chen suggested that you should never change or attach the seat belt on your own. 1n addition, the rear double latch generally has the function of anti misinsertion, and the anti misinsertion latch can only match with one of the latch. The unlocking function of the lock can be realized by inserting the door key or other hard objects into the small hole of the lock

the safety belt also needs to be maintained

when the safety belt is too dirty, you can use neutral soap and slightly warm water, wipe it with cloth or sponge, and pay attention not to use dye or whitening agent, otherwise it will corrode the safety belt, and do not use hard brush to wash it, so as not to reduce the tensile strength of the safety belt. Do not use the seat belt until it is dry. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the lock. 1f there is dust in the hinge of the shoulder safety belt, the safety belt will react slowly. Wipe it with a clean dry cloth in time. 1f the seat belt is aged or damaged, you must go to the 4S store to replace it. The safety belt can’t be disassembled casually. 1f there is a problem, it must be repaired by a professional

correct fastening method of safety belt

1. After adjusting the seat, sit up straight. Grasp the lock tongue of the safety belt head, pull the safety belt down along the body, do not let the safety belt kink, and then buckle the lock tongue into the buckle

at this time, remember to pull up the lock tongue again to confirm whether the safety belt has been fully locked. Do not over tilt the seat back, otherwise the safety belt will not stretch and roll up correctly

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