Pay attention to the wrong use of protective equipment

1 personal protective equipment can be worn or not

personal protective equipment can eliminate or reduce the impact of occupational hazards on workers’ health. According to the law on prevention and control of occupational diseases, the employer must provide qualified protective equipment for workers, and workers are obliged to wear protective equipment

there is no peculiar smell in worksho2, so you can not wear personal protective equipment.

many harmful gases are colorless, odorless and tasteless, without any warning and feeling. Even if there is flavor, there are limitations and individual differences in sensory organs’ perception of the outside world. Therefore, over believing in feelings may lead to occupational poisoning

3 gauze mask can be used for dust prevention

ordinary gauze mask cannot be used as dust mask. Although the gauze mask we use now is cheap, it can absorb sweat in summer and keep warm in winter, but such a mask (even if it is 16 layers thick) can not protect against the hazards of respiratory dust, which is easy to cause pneumoconiosis. Special dust masks are needed for dust prevention

4 medical masks are used to prevent poison

medical masks can prevent diseases from spreading through droplets, but they can’t filter toxic gases. For different poisons, it is necessary to use different filter effect of anti-virus masks. General volatile organic gas can use activated carbon gas mask

5 the filter material of dust mask can not be washed with water. The high efficiency filter material used in the dust mask is usually non-woven material, and some rely on the electrostatic charge on the fiber to filter the respirable dust. After water washing, the microstructure of the filter material will be damaged, with invisible cracks and holes, a large amount of electrostatic charge will be lost, and the filtration performance will be seriously reduced

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