Pay homage to the spirit of red boat the fourth activity of expert group of Zhejiang Labor Protection Association held in Jiaxing

Red boat set sail and forge ahead. On August 7, 2018, the fourth activity of Zhejiang labor protection products industry expert group and group standard work seminar was held in Jiaxing, the revolutionary holy land of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Chen Haida, consultant of safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Business Association, attended the meeting, and entrepreneur representatives of the association’s expert group attended the meeting

in the boat of revolution, we are interested in development. Chen Haida, consultant of safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Business Association, pointed out in his speech: it is the industry’s good fortune that the state grants the legal status of group standards and vigorously promotes and encourages groups and enterprises to improve their quality. For enterprises, quality is the only key to open the world market. We hope that manufacturing enterprises can seize the opportunity, attach equal importance to tradition and emerging industries, and unswervingly improve the level of innovation; At the same time, we call on participating dealers to vigorously promote national brands, so that more workers can use our labor protection products made in China

this year coincides with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Zhejiang labor protection products industry association. Lin Jinxiang, President of the association and chairman of Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., said in his speech that the growth of the association is inseparable from everyone’s efforts and support. The association insists on learning from the successful experience of big associations and brother associations of various provinces and cities. The member enterprises of Zhejiang labor protection products industry association have a high starting point and a wide range of brands, especially the proposal of “made in Zhejiang” and the active participation of member enterprises of the association, which greatly improves the status of Zhejiang labor protection association in the development of China’s labor protection products industry. 1 hope you can make suggestions to make the work of the association closer to the needs of member enterprises. 1 also hope that through the efforts of the industry association, we can promote the development of the whole labor protection products industry< At the meeting, Wang Gong, a representative of Zhejiang East Asian enterprises, introduced the problems encountered by East Asia in the manufacturing process in Zhejiang and the experience sharing. The general manager of Wenzhou Xumei technology project introduced the original intention and experience of Xumei in applying for enterprise standards Wang Liangji, Secretary General of Zhejiang labor protection products industry association, said: “there is no end to quality improvement, let alone shortcut. For the labor insurance enterprises in Zhejiang, enterprise standards, group standards and Zhejiang manufacturing are a new milestone in the Long March, and also a new starting point for the labor insurance enterprises in Zhejiang to move towards excellent enterprises and great enterprises. Enterprise standard management quality, group standard management innovation. Zhejiang enterprises should actively respond to Zhejiang manufacturing, improve the quality and serve the safety and health of workers< After the meeting, the delegates visited Zhejiang nuclear power safety equipment Co., Ltd., the first nuclear power PPE qualified supplier of CNNC in China. General manager Li Jianhua introduced nuclear power related business and future development direction to the delegates. The professional service concept and persistent service spirit of nuelite were unanimously appreciated by the participants let China feel the pace of labor insurance, let the world listen to the voice of China’s intelligent manufacturing original statement: This article is an original article edited by China labor insurance. This website enjoys exclusive copyright. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source website and author

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