Pay more attention to personal protection in autumn and winter

What is low temperature environment:

environment with temperature lower than human comfort. Generally 21 ± 3 ℃ is the comfortable temperature range of human body, so the temperature below 18 ℃ can be regarded as low temperature. But the low temperature which has adverse effect on people’s work efficiency is usually below 10 ℃. 1n addition to the low temperature in winter, the low temperature environment is mainly found in high mountains, Antarctica, Arctic and underwater

1 Effect

the effect of low temperature on human body is mainly manifested in two aspects:

1. low temperature frostbite

frostbite is the most common injury effect of low temperature on human body. The lower the temperature is, the shorter the exposure time is. 1f the temperature is 5 ~ 8 ℃, it usually takes several days for the human body to get frostbite; At – 73 ℃ for 12 seconds, frostbite could be caused. The clinical manifestations of frostbite can be divided into three degrees, once erythema, can be recovered; The second degree is water sore frostbite, which can be recovered after treatment; The third degree is gangrene, which is difficult to recover. Hands, feet, tip of nose and auricle are the most vulnerable parts of human body to frostbite

in the environment below – 20 ℃, when the skin contacts with metal, the skin will stick to metal, which is called cold metal sticking skin. 1t’s a special kind of frostbite. Aluminum and iron with oxide film are easy to cause skin sticking. 1t is not easy to cause this phenomenon if the surface is bright, such as copper and silver, or rough, or covered with snow, dust, etc

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