Payment of high temperature allowance in high temperature weather and protection of high temperature operation

high temperature weather refers to the high temperature when the daily maximum temperature reaches or exceeds 35 ℃ in meteorology. Workers working in the open air in hot weather and failing to take effective measures to reduce the temperature of the workplace to below 33 ℃ shall be paid high temperature allowance in summer. The enterprise provides high-temperature protective equipment for employees and ensures that the air vent in the workplace is always open to maintain air circulation. For outdoor high-temperature operation, enterprises may provide workers with cooling vests or ice vests to prevent heatstroke

payment conditions of high temperature allowance

if the enterprise arranges the workers to work in the open air from June to September every year and fails to take effective measures to reduce the temperature of the workplace below 33 ℃ (excluding 33 ℃), it shall pay the summer high temperature allowance to the workers. Due to the special situation that it is difficult to determine the nature of workers’ workplace, the employing enterprises should reasonably formulate the payment method through democratic management procedures such as collective wage negotiation in combination with the actual situation

payment standard of high temperature allowance

at present, the standard of high temperature allowance in summer in Shanghai is 200 yuan / month, and the implementation period is from June 1 to September 30, a total of four months

moreover, according to relevant regulations, high temperature allowance can not be included in the minimum wage level. Not only high temperature allowance, such as night shift, high temperature, low temperature, underground, toxic and other special working environment, the allowance can not be included in the minimum wage standard

nature of high temperature allowance

summer high temperature allowance should be included in the total wage. High temperature allowance should be calculated in the base of enterprise social insurance premium

high temperature operation protection

1. When engaged in high-intensity operation such as maintenance in high-temperature area, there shall be no less than 2 personnel in the operation group. When engaged in operation or equipment maintenance in high-temperature areas, enterprises need to provide employees with heat insulation clothing or high-temperature protective clothing, high-temperature gloves and other labor protection articles to ensure that workers avoid high-temperature burns

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